Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Giant protest in Montreal puts emergency law to test":
"It’s now official: what were once protests against tuition hikes have transformed into protests for the right to protest."
Exactly how it should work. Protests cause the 1% to overreact and instruct their politician servants to pass obviously unconstitutional legislation, an outrage which wakes up the entire population (btw, I still think politicians who vote for obviously unconstitutional legislation should go to jail, for decades at least).  Each overreaction by the 1% ratchets up the breadth of the protest.

Why politicians work so hard for the 1%:  "We Are SO Screwed" 

"Stirring Canada From Its Slumber"

Fascists of a feather, flock together:  "Venezuelan Opposition Promises “Renewal” for Venezuela-Israel Relations"

"Jeffrey Feltman's children: Al-Qa`idah in Lebanon"  "Neil MacFarquhar on Lebanon"

"Walkom: Once lauded as noble, Afghan war now a political orphan"  It is funny how all the Jewtrickery has suddenly and simultaneously become unfashionable.

"Cash-Strapped Rockland County School District Close To Eliminating Kindergarten"  Note how 'private' (religious) schools wreck the tax base.  This should be a progressive issue, but, of course, 'progressives' are terrified of Jewpower.
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