Monday, June 04, 2012

More on the imperial lie factories

"“Surgeon of Damascus” Promises more Blood, Blames West for Syria Violence""
"In contrast, a defecting Air Force officer, Major Jihad Raslan, has told the Western press that he saw Syrian army soldiers give cover to the pro-regime Shabiha thugs who carried much of the massacre in the city, which is a stronghold of opposition to al-Assad. Raslan’s account is corroborated by satellite photos published by the BBC last week."
Of course, a real analyst, Tony Cartalucci, has already ripped the propaganda completely to shreds. This kind of thing not only makes Cole look like a bloodthirsty imperialist monster, it also makes him look like a fool.  For more laughs, see here.  I'm reminded of the jokes made about the scientific absurdity of the forensics in the CSI television shows, especially where they obtain impossibly accurate evidence by repeatedly blowing up bad photographs.

"The Houla Hoaxsters"

"The Guardian’s Orientalist account of the Houla Massacre"

"Syria: The Dangers Of One-Sided Reporting"
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