Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"July 2006, lest we forget"

Yet they demand we worship their false flags (the resistance to this is encouraging).

Speaking of which:  "Al-Qaeda emerges as Bulgaria bomb suspect" (my emphasis in red):
"At this point, much depends on the objectivity of the investigation by Bulgaria. However, the country's police failed to conduct extensive interviews of Israeli witnesses before they were rushed out of the country by the Israeli Defense Force. The IDF also quickly sent bodies back home before Bulgarian authorities had any chance to conduct an autopsy.

Bulgarian police also shouldn't have allowed the Israeli emergency workers to approach the scene of crime and collect bodies, as the various photos displayed in the Israeli media clearly show.

Close scrutiny of those photos reveals that two white buses were badly damaged by the bombing, one had broken windows and was relatively intact while the main target bus was completely gutted by the explosion and fire.

Somehow, the photos of victims from the adjacent bus surprisingly show almost no sign of serious injuries: several are shown walking or on stretchers, some with only bandaged hands or feet, likely attributable to their attempt to jump down the broken windows. [2]

Given the sharp contrast between the image of inferno in the main bus [3] and the light injuries suffered by the majority of passengers, it is only logical to conclude that the 30 or so wounded were from the other bus, thus raising the question of what happened to the passengers of the main bus, given related reports that say some 172 Israelis had just landed and were taking three to four buses?

Is it possible that we are dealing with explosion at an empty bus that merely impacted the adjacent bus, particularly since the photos do not show any evidence of piled luggage at or near the main bus? This is a question of pure mathematics, in the light of "32 wounded" reported by the Bulgarian police. How did, then, five Israelis end up dead, along with the bus diver?

There are, unfortunately, other troubling questions raised as well, such as how some Israeli passengers ended up telling Israeli media that those who were killed were sitting in the back of the bus, while the driver at the front was killed by the explosion?"

So somebody who didn't want to hurt Israelis - not likely al-Qaeda! - blew up the empty bus, and, with the incompetence we usually associate these days with the Mossad, accidentally killed people in the adjacent bus. Then Bulgaria let Israel clean up the crime scene before an investigation could be carried out.

The Marxists are reduced to basing their 'analysis' on obvious lies from the American imperialist stooges.

"Witnesses To A Massacre: Other Participants In The Columbine Shooting"

"Sadly, Nation Knows Exactly How Colorado Shooting's Aftermath Will Play Out"  The conspiracy theories of the right, that these mass murders are part of a leftist gun grabbing plot, don't make any sense, given the political reality that American gun laws will never be sane.

"How I lost my fear of Universal Health Care"  Interesting comments reveal even American conservatives realize the Canadian system makes much more sense.  I have yet to tell you my experience with the Canadian system.

"Jehovahcare"  'Pre-existing condition' is not a term used in Canada.


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