Thursday, August 09, 2012

A lot of anger surfacing

Pussy Riot revisionism.  It is more than a little odd when you consider the type of people who have apparently suddenly become punk rock fans.

I think it is unfortunate that the Olympics passed on the opportunity to hold a minute of silence for all the victims of Jewish false-flag attacks.  To which we can add recent attacks in the Sinai, by people 'dressed as' Bedouins.  Suddenly, the Gaza-Egypt border is re-closed.  Now who benefits from that?

"American (jihadi) Idol"  American hypocrisy has gone off the charts.

"The Dispossessed Majority"  Anger from a formerly hard-core Republican.

"How to Reply to a BBC World Service Request"  Since these cut-and-pasters can in no way be described as journalists, the usual courtesies given to real journalists don't apply.

"NYS Order on Standard Chartered’s Iran Transfers Opens Up US, UK Regulatory Pig Fight"  "Standard Chartered Makes Empty Threat to Sue New York Regulator Over Iran Money Laundering"  Note the acceptance of the Official Story that federal regulators are outraged by this rogue state regulator hurting the good reputation of the US of A.  You have to be to be on some really good crack if you don't see this as part of the Jewish plot against the innocent civilians of Iran (and against those 'anti-Semitic' furriners who try to provide wiggle room to the Iranians for a little profit).

Satanic set theory (no, not from The Onion).
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