Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are you angry yet, and why not?

Margolis (my emphasis in red):
"How have so many Syrian T-72 tanks and other armored vehicles been knocked out? Not by amateur street fighters. Powerful antitank weapons—likely French, American or Turkish—have been used extensively. You don’t blow up a modern T-72 tank with light, handheld RPG rockets. Powerful antitank weapons, like the U.S. TOW or French Milan, require professional, trained crews. The use of these weapons suggests that outside forces are involved in the fighting, as they were in Libya.

Now come reports that the rebels are receiving small numbers of man-portable antiaircraft missiles. If properly used, they would threaten the Assad regime’s armed helicopters. Yet using such missiles requires a good deal of training. I saw in Afghanistan in the 1980s how long it took the mujahidin to learn this skill from CIA instructors—and then how quickly the Red Air Force was denied air superiority.

If Syria’s rebels are being trained, it is probably happening in Turkey (which makes the deadly U.S. Stinger AA missile under license). However, the United States has a major campaign under way to prevent jihadist groups from acquiring such man-portable missiles. If the Taliban received effective antiaircraft missiles, U.S. military operations in Afghanistan would be seriously threatened."
"So, if you want to understand this thing called United States foreign policy ... forget about the War on Terrorism, forget about September 11, forget about democracy, forget about freedom, forget about human rights, forget about religion, forget about the people of Libya and Syria ... keep your eyes on the prize ... Whatever advances American global domination. Whatever suits their goals at the moment. There is no moral factor built into the DNA of US foreign policy."
I think it is the complete nonchalance of Obama's flaunting of American hypocrisy - not to mention the fact that the official American alliance with 'al Qaeda' has passed completely unnoticed by all the rabid Islamophobe proponents of the 'war on terror' - that is fuelling all the anger.

"Always Wrong: Predicting Iranian War and Weapons"  Another list of the history of scaremongering about the mythical Iranian nuclear program.

Escobar (and never forget that Israel has as much capability of attacking Iran as it has of attacking Alpha Centauri, making this Dada on a number of levels):
""The notion that Iran is a threat to Israel springs up from a Dadaist manifesto. Israel is an actual - undeclared - nuclear power (it never subscribed to the NPT); Iran (which subscribes to the NPT) is not.
As John Glaser at succinctly summarized, "the US has Iran militarily surrounded, has conducted covert ops along with Israel, constantly threatens Iran with preemptive military strike, and is heaping harsh economic sanctions." [6] Threat? Who's threatening who here?

Yet what is extraordinary is how Tel Aviv manages to strike one fabulous PR coup after another - at least in terms of brainwashing American public opinion - by just changing the red line. [7]""
"US-Israel Nuclear Front’s Accountability Drives Fall Apart"  The Jews set up a nuclear material processing facility for the sole purpose of stealing American nuclear material to start the Israeli nuclear bomb program.  Needless to say - needless to say - tiny matters like the polluting of nearby Gentiles, or the sloppy handling practices which led to an epidemic of cancer in the employees, was not a concern to the Jews.

I love the title to this Niqnaq posting:  "surveillance at all times, except when anything is actually happening".  See also:  "WIKILEAKS: Surveillance Cameras Around The Country Are Being Used In A Huge Spy Network"

"Sikh Temple Massacre: Wage Page an FBI Informant? Security Cameras Off?"  The most likely scenario in so many of these incidents is that the perp is a triple agent, an infiltrator sent in by the FBI who fooled the FBI into thinking he was working for them, while his sympathies remained with the infiltrated organization.
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