Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blackmailing Barry

The current bout of 'Iran talk' is the silliest yet, with stories that the Jews are about to attack Iran themselves (impossible), or somehow force Obama into either starting an American attack now, or agreeing to one in 2013 (by threatening a suicidal Israeli attack now, sort of like the guy who holds a gun to his head and says 'don't come closer or I'll shoot').

Obama is sailing to an easy reelection victory, something which should really be impossible given the state of the American economy.  The hapless and brain-damaged Mitt seems to be channeling Bob Dole's campaign, and many are even starting to suggest that the Republicans are intentionally throwing the election, based on the fact that the plutocrats correctly believe that Obama will be more successful at forcing through their 19th century economic agenda (it also helps Obama a lot that he controls the Justice Department, making the inevitable Republican vote fraud shenanigans a lot more difficult and risky).

The only thing that could snatch victory from Obama is a trauma to the American economy in October.  Something like . . . gas prices going up by three, five or ten times.  Exactly what would happen when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard sinks an oil tanker to two in the Persian Gulf, and effectively shuts off a large portion of the world's oil.  There is absolutely no way - no fucking way - that Obama will agree to any kind of War For The Jews against Iran now.  After the election, Jewish Billionaire money will no longer be necessary, and the Jews will lose much of their leverage over him.  Thus the current, and silly, Jewish panic.
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