Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Heck of a job, Barry

Heck of a job, Barry:  "State Dept to Americans: Don’t go to Libya"

"Leader of Army Plot to Assassinate Obama Apparently Attended the 2008 Republican Convention as a Page"  I am wondering about the timing of the prosecution to coincide with the Republican National Convention.

"Why We Don't Spend As Much Time Denouncing Republicans As We Do Democrats"  Well put.

"Evidence in Delhi Embassy Bombing Suggests Journalist Was Framed"  The only evidence is a confession which, given Indian police general practice, would have been coerced.

"State Department advisor defends fired Guardian columnist Joshua Treviño who wanted Israel to kill Americans"  Publicly calling for mass slaughter of peaceful protesters is 'free speech', at least in the State Department.

"The Secret Scheme To Sabotage Mumia’s Appeal Rights"  The danger of missing a secret filing deadline.

Little Face Mitt
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