Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remember, irritating to reveal truth is part of Assange's job

The spectacle of the UK threatening to shred the international law that protects its own diplomats, all so it can kowtow sufficiently for its American masters, is one the people of the UK should never forget, as embarrassing as it may be.  Can you imagine this crazed need to extradite occurring in any other case?

"US, UK Betray Basic Values To Get Assange At Any Cost"

"Julian Assange asylum: Ecuador is right to stand up to the US":
"Why is this case so significant? It is probably the first time that a citizen fleeing political persecution by the US has been granted political asylum by a democratic government seeking to uphold international human rights conventions. This is a pretty big deal, because for more than 60 years the US has portrayed itself as a proponent of human rights internationally – especially during the cold war. And many people have sought and received asylum in the US."
Countries like Ecuador and Venezuela and Russia and China now carry the moral weight of looking after human rights, the old champions of human rights having being revealed as hypocrites and monsters.
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