Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Ayalon Predicts Syria’s Fragmentation and for Lebanon to Suffer Same Fate"  Yinon.

"Riot Grrrls and Followers Ride the Bernays Highway" "Russian "Punkers" Get 2 Years Jail for US State Department Stunt"  "Criticism Of The Pussy Riot Sentence Stinks Of Hypocrisy"  The US is of course the world leader in putting people in jail for long stretches for things that shouldn't even be crimes, and the concern about freedom of expression is particularly rank at the time of the Manning/Assange persecutions.

Well, there's blasphemy which is 'freedom of expression', and there's blasphemy which isn't:  "Alexander Aan petition falls short"

"Britain’s Assange overreach" "Former UK Diplomat on Threat to Ecuador: 'Oops'" So the next time there is a dispute between Britain and some other country, here's what the other country should do:
  1. revoke the status of the British embassy;
  2. stand by while some 'students' or 'rebels' enter the embassy and seize all the senior diplomats;
  3. stand by while all the diplomats are hanged on the front lawn of the embassy;
  4. when the Brits complain cite the Assange case as providing all the British legal precedent required.
"Barak’s Blunder"  Note how 1) Iran can use this to strengthen its security weaknesses, and 2) Israel can no longer be trusted not to misuse American raw intelligence.

"Richard Silverstein Has Been Had - Again"  "The Left Eats Itself"  Silverstein describes exactly how to set up an intelligence operation to use a friendly journalist to provide credibility to a phony story, or series of phony stories.

"Extreme metrics"

"Trapwire is watching you in Ottawa"
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