Friday, August 17, 2012


"Drought Maps"

"Current U.S. Drought Monitor"

"2012 Drought Disaster"

"The Mississippi River Is Drying Up"

"Will Nothing Slay the Ethanol Dragon?"

There is a bizarre bi-partisan - for the most part, and I assume by agreement - plan in current American politics to deal with the problem of global warming by simply not talking about it (the old plan of dealing with it by denying all the science and obvious facts on the ground became too silly even for politicians).  Global warming simply does not exist as an issue in American political life, despite the immense effect it is having on the fly-over Americans.

Americans have been doing lots of really, really awful things recently, with no obvious effect on the lives of average Americans (although, believe me, the repercussions are coming).  The fact that by ignoring global warming they are going to truly and deeply fuck themselves within a few years is almost heartwarming.
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