Monday, August 27, 2012

We're always under attack

"An Assassination of International Proportions 27 June 1980 and A Cover-Up by NATO"

"Unicredit 'in US Iran sanctions breach investigation'"  There has always been an understanding that big corporations could profit out of evading the various and numerous Sanctions For The Jews as long as they were discrete about it (remember Cheney and Halliburton in Iraq?).  World Jewry is so full of itself these days that the understanding has ended, and Americans are pursuing extraterritorial application of American laws using as blackmail the ability to prohibit the victim corporations from doing business in the United States.  Standard Chartered was the first example. It is just a small part of the world-wide war by the Jews against everybody else.

"Guardian fires Treviño"  The Guardian had to fire this guy as they could hardly employ someone who advocated mass murder of peaceful protesters (such employment might actually breach the terms of the trust that owns The Guardian, though consistent over-the-top lying about what is going on in Syria is apparently ok). Their big problem was that they could not fire somebody for advocating mass murder of peaceful protesters who were protesting against Zionism.  Lucky for them, there was another, highly convoluted, phony reason to fire him.

Speaking of really stretching to find an excuse to get rid of somebody (whose real crime is a consistent real progressivism which, of course, involves 'anti-Semitism') . . .
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