Friday, September 14, 2012


It was a:
  1.  full-fledged military attack, 
  2. long in the planning (no spontaneous demonstration, although the demonstration helped disguise the attack, and perhaps fooled the Americans into underestimating the situation), 
  3. by a paramilitary group associated with the government just installed by NATO/American violence (not to mention closely associated with the fighters against the Syrian government being sponsored by the American government), although they have done a better-than-usual job at hiding the connections,
  4. and with the assistance of at least some of the Libyan government security service, who helped deliver the Ambassador into the hands of the attackers, where he appears to have received some very rough justice, but justice nonetheless (I wonder if it included the special treatment given to Gadaffi), 
  5. and the response is yet more American violence, pretending to send drones and troops to Libya which are already there and haven't stopped operating,
  6. all for the purpose of drone-slaughtering some al-Qaeda leader so Obama can appear to be strong and manly and re-electable,
  7. which is highly ironic given that the original cause of the attack was the drone-slaughtering in Afghanistan of an al-Qaeda leader from Libya.
Meanwhile, the infamous movie - if it exists -  that has sparked protests elsewhere appears to have been produced by a man named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who pleaded guilty to felony bank fraud:
"A variety of documents filed in the U.S. District Court case were sealed at the request of prosecutors and Nakoula’s lawyer. The sealed records--from the transcript of Nakoula’s change-of-plea hearing to sentencing memoranda--appear to indicate that his plea agreement with the government included some form of cooperation."
As soon as he was released he started to work on the movie.  It may be he is just a con man who took a sizable amount to make a movie and just produced a cheap trailer.  Was this part of his 'cooperation'?  Who is really behind the movie?  Who financed it?
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