Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Going too far

"Bibi's Blunder"  Pernicious, mendacious nonsense.  Note how he conflates the Lobby with Jewish voting patterns.

"Obama Has More Hollywood Fundraising Events Planned for Fall"  'Hollywood' is the standard euphemism.

Meanwhile, the Sanctions For The Jews - you know, the ones that are creating an entirely new financial world order, one that will no longer allow Americans to print dollars at will without severe inflationary consequences - carry on, undisturbed:  "Iran finds ways around sanctions targeting oil sales"

Americans are willing to live as Jewslaves as long as nobody embarrasses them over it.  Bibi stepped over the line by rubbing their noses in it - bossing around the President of the United States! - which has lead to a slight widening of the scope of permitted truth-telling in an odd kind of glasnost:  "Neocons Slither Back"  But mind yourself:  "Happy New Year, Puppet Masters"  "Maureen Dowd accused of anti-Semitism"

Meanwhile, Iran has nothing to do with it:  "Binyamin Netanyahu's Iran strategy erases the Palestinian problem"

"Why we should welcome Mitt Romney’s Middle East straight talk"  Two parties, one policy.

"An Offer I Could Refuse"  Fake horns are hardly necessary for a man responsible for the deaths of over a million people, and counting (if he gets his way on Iran)

"What they talk about in Boca Raton"  Corn, who should know, picks his spot.

"What if Romney were Jewish?" As long as American campaign financing laws are as fucked as they are, there is really no need for a Jewish candidate.

"Who are the real players behind anti-Muslim film? - updated 9/18"  It was Sadek who really started this  "Pro-Israel Copt’s Phone Call Provoked Anti-American Outrage"

"German Ritual-Circumcision Ruling Ignites Feud"  You would think that the torture and mutilation of infants would be a human rights issue.  The old terror of being labeled an 'anti-Semite' is loosening due to the ongoing cumulative sins of the Jews, thus allowing natural human sentiments to emerge from beneath the fear.

"Holocaust Amnesia"

"UK Student Charged For 'Grossly Offensive' Facebook Post"

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