Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The MEK is a private army used by the CIA and the Mossad to fight a covert terrorist war against Iran.  Its position on the American official list of terrorist organizations was an annoyance to MEK leaders, but has had no effect on the MEK's ability to commit violence against innocent Iranians.

The Official Story accepted by both Right and Left in Washington is that the MEK was able to buy its way off the list by hiring expensive lobbyists.  Expensive lobbyists were indeed hired, a collection of the vilest players hanging around American politics.  How do you think the poor MEK managed to pay these many millions of dollars?  No doubt money from the CIA and/or State Department. 

The Official Story of expensive lobbyists was a ruse, a cover story to make the decision seem to fit within the parameters of acceptable Washington graft.  The attacks on Iran are part of a War For The Jews (there is no possible American interest in pretending to stop a weapons program the Americans know doesn't exist, and a close reading of Obama's utterly mendacious UN speech makes it clear that he will do everything required to stop a program which everybody in the room knew was a Jewish fantasy that won't ever need to be stopped:  ". . . the United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon").  The Jewish Billionaires have agreed to allow Obama to deal with Iran the way he wants, without a full-fledged War For The Jews, but he has to keep up the covert attacks and the Sanctions For The Jews (which, I repeat, are leading to steps taken by the rest of the world which are actually going to wreck - utterly destroy - the American economic system).  This understanding has allowed Obama to set up an election-friendly distance between him and Bibi so Bibi can continue to distract from the Palestinians (hardly necessary as the predictable collaborator-in-chief has once again taken the money and sold out his people).  As crazy as Bibi seems, his Romney-friendly moves may actually be intended to help Obama.

Making more of a joke of the American list of terrorist organizations for the purposes of facilitating a covert attack on Iranian citizens which is no more than an annoyance to the Iranian government is just part of the theater that  has to play out in Washington so Obama can continue to enjoy the support of the Jewish Billionaires while avoiding actually starting what he  knows would be the final war of the dying American Empire.  It is still possible, of course, that Obama is playing a trick on the Jewish Billionaires, and will settle up with Iran as soon as he no longer needs Jewish Billionaire money.

The biggest joke of all is that the MEK hates the American government only slightly less than it hates the Iranian government, and will doubtless start attacking Americans again as soon as it is convenient.
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