Friday, September 21, 2012

November surprise?

"What Might Netanyahu Do if Romney’s Defeat Becomes Inevitable?":
"So to my headline question: What might Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu do when his American sponsors tell him, possibly in the coming few days, that Romney isn’t going to win?

In my view the question is worth asking because Netanyahu already knows there is no way the America of a second-term Obama is going to become engaged in a war with Iran. Netanyahu may also know that though they are now on hold until after the American election, secret talks between the Obama administration through a third party and Iran have made significant progress. According to my source with access to these talks, the clear implication is that early in his second term Obama will bring the nuclear crisis with Iran to an end by politics and diplomacy.
  "Iran makes a move, oil slides":
"A more likely reason for the price move than these Saudi Jedi mind games is now emerging. On Tuesday, Catherine Ashton, lead negotiator for the the 5+1 (the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany) involved in talks with Iran over its nuclear policy, met Iran's Foreign Minister Saeed Jalili for "informal" discussions, which were said to be constructive, and in respect of which Lady Ashton will be reporting to her colleagues next week in New York.

What was not widely reported was firstly, the short notice of this meeting, and secondly, the fact - very significant in diplomatic terms - that for the most part it took place in the Iranian consulate, which is legally Iranian territory.

In my view, the policy deadlock in Iran has now been broken, and a pragmatic decision has been made to make nuclear concessions."
Note the implication that there is a massive tax payed by everybody, one which falls disproportionately on the poor and one Europe thinks it can no longer afford, caused by the Sanctions For The Jews. It is a very expensive luxury having Jews tell your government what to do.
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