Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Climate Change Will Starve the Poor Even More Than Previously Thought"

"Maldives are rubbish" (via The Sideshow)

"5 Countries the U.S. Is Royally Screwing Over" by Alex Kane"  The sheer volume of appalling American behavior actually helps hide some of it as there is too much to keep up with.

There's no app for that:  "Apple Says No Thanks to App that Tracks Deaths from U.S. Drones"

The better to receive marching orders:  "NYPD Opens Branch in Israel"  "NYPD: Muslim Spying Led To No Leads, Terror Cases"  "In leaked e-mail exchange, FBI official says NYPD intelligence activities are ‘felonious’"

The hold the Jews have over the American government is so insane that many people have trouble comprehending how it can even be possible.  Why would an utterly powerful nation completely wreck itself - and, sadly, that is what we are talking about here - at the instance of a pipsqueak country?  There is only one historical precedent:  "Israel: America = Serbia: Czarist Russia?"

When the Democratic Platform Vote was being videoed, the director had the camera directed at people clearly identified as 'Arab American' (with a sign, for those Americans who can read!) as if it was this minority of 'Islamofascists' who opposed the platform.  Actually, it was clearly voted down by the majority of the delegates.  Note the subtleties, and ubiquity, of the media control of our perceptions. I have a little less trouble with the teleprompter, as, well, that's how teleprompters work.

"Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Disappeared Wife Shelly: What We Know"

"Cops Shooting People"
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