Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nationalization!:  "Behind Bolivia’s nationalization of Canadian mine"

Jubilees!: "Private Debt Kills the Economy"

Racial supremacism!:  "Israeli author to warn Ottawa Jews against apathy"  Note that the arguments made for Israel by this respected fine upstanding Rabbi are exactly the same - exactly! - as those made by racist hillbilly Southern white supremacists.

Voting!:  "What Voting Can Look Like"  With the big proviso at the end that Quebec recently suffered one of the biggest vote fraud scandals in the history of North America, an outrage for which nobody was punished (vote fraud, wherever it occurs, seems to be a crime without punishment).

Extradition (of people not named Julian)!:  "Bolivia: Evo Morales denounces the United States as a "paradise of impunity" and "refuge for criminals" after Washington refuses to extradite Goni"

Lawlessness!:  "“Code is law” Once More"

Meritlessness!:  "Tyranny of Merit"  Back in the day, when you got something because of your family connections, at least you didn't think you were all that for getting it.  "World's richest woman says those who are jealous of her wealth should 'stop drinking, stop smoking and work harder'"

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