Saturday, October 13, 2012

Burn her as a witch!

I keep warning you about Weiss.  The comments are largely good (though with some more troublemakers hiding in there).  Comment on Noam!  Note how easy it is to stop good and moral people in their tracks. Something I've noticed about people like Castro, Chavez and Galloway is that they take the long view.  You pick your friends and fellow travelers, people you know to be good, and you stick by them, ignoring the efforts - and there will be many efforts - by the bad people to cause trouble (Galloway and Respect are under a bit of this trouble now).  We hang together or we hang apart.

Weir is very good (see the Update at the end).

Political correctness is the main weapon of the Jews.  It is lucky nobody found that Greta Berlin owns a copy of The Cantos!  Burn her as a witch!

You'll be able to sort the good and moral people from the evildoers by whether they issue a profound and heart-filled apology to Berlin, or stick to their disrupting guns.
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