Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The 2012 Global Peace Index (pdf) from the Institute for Economics and Peace.

I see number 2 is Denmark.  "NATO used Israeli ammunition to bomb Libya"  As we all know, there is nothing more peaceful than using Israeli ammunition to carpet bomb civilian targets.

Number 4 is Canada.  Speaking of carpet bombing civilians:  "Canada contributed a disproportionate amount to Libya air strikes: sources"

Qatar is number 12.  Qatar is of course supporting the most radical Sunni terrorists in the ongoing campaign against the civilians of Syria.

I'm wondering if there was a error and the 'peaceful' list somehow ended up printed upside down.  Of course, the list measures how much of a victim you are of the warfare of others, and the countries at the bottom of the list, with the obvious exception of Israel, are all the subjects of recent attacks from Western countries, mostly Wars For The Jews.  'Peaceful' doesn't mean what you might think - it just means nobody is actively attacking you.
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