Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Saudi blowback?

"The Gulf does damage control in Syria":
"And of course the Saudis are worried about the prospect of their citizens going off to fight in Syria, then returning home to cause trouble, much like they did during and after the Afghan jihad (Worth mentions this in his piece). The Saudis can't provide Stinger missiles for the rebels and simultaneously discourage their own citizens from joining the fight, so they're trying to minimize the kingdom's role."
Bin Laden talked about the illegitimacy of the Saudi royals, particularly due to their association with the Americans (and he was preoccupied with getting the Americans off holy Islamic soil). It is not clear that the current crop of Sunni radical leaders care about anything other than fighting Shi'ites and other non-Sunnis.  It is therefore unclear if the Saudi royals are really worried about this kind of blowback.  On the other hand, it is clear that they are really worried about Shi'ite uprisings, and clear that they have convinced the Americans that Shi'ite uprisings in Saudi Arabia are a real danger to the business of oil.
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