Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top hats and strings

"Is debt free money an option?"  The real issue is that bankers are snakes.

"No More Israel in 10 Years"  Good, but Lendman knows better than to write:  "Winning the Jewish vote was important."  As always, it was Jewish money, not votes.

"Antisemitism? Famous NYC Restaurant Enforces Minimum On Haredim, Not On Others"  Top hats and strings?  This is an example of the rarest thing in the universe, real anti-Semitism, though the sheer gall of the Haredim is appalling.

Following up on the murder of Toronto philanthropist Glen Davis, whose death led to conspiracy theories due to his connections to the suspicious WWF:  "Indebted roofer agreed to kill philanthropist for $150K, court hears"

Fact about Canada:  "Topping the charts is Canada — the only nation in the world where more than half its residents can proudly hang college degrees up on their walls."  This is due to political policy decisions to keep education accessible, decisions that have largely been reversed in recent years due to the 'necessity' of austerity (the successful Quebec student strike started over this 'necessity', which turns out not to have been so necessary after all).  Nevertheless, the damage has been done, and it is difficult to see that conservatism has much of a future in Canada.

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