Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cantor 2016

The scandal, which is really getting out of hand, does have a Jewish conspiracy angle, as it was Eric Cantor who really set the end of Petraeus in motion.  To put it bluntly, if Cantor had not intervened, nothing would have come of this 'scandal', and Petraeus would have been running the CIA until Presidential politics called.  Why would Cantor want to do this?;
  1. Petraeus' candor about Israel made him not 'good for the Jews';
  2. Petraeus' testimony on Benghazi would not be good for the ongoing series of Wars For The Jews; and
  3. if Cantor should want to be the first Jewish President Petraeus might well be his biggest obstacle to getting the Republican nomination.
Buchanan: "Petraeus and Benghazi: A Time for Truth":
"There are four basic questions.

Why were repeated warnings from Benghazi about terrorist activity in the area ignored and more security not provided, despite urgent pleas from Stevens and others at the consulate?

Why was the U.S. military unable to come to the rescue of our people begging for help, when the battle in Benghazi lasted on and off for seven hours?

Who, if anyone, gave an order for forces to “stand down” and not go to the rescue of the consulate compound or the safe house? A week before Petraeus’ resignation, the CIA issued a flat denial that any order to stand down ever came from anyone in the agency.

Fourth, when the CIA knew it was a terrorist attack, why did Jay Carney on Sept. 13, David Petraeus to Congress on Sept. 14, U.N. Amb. Susan Rice on Sept 16 on five TV shows, and Obama before the U.N. two weeks after 9/11 all keep pushing what the CIA knew was a false and phony story: That it had all come out of a spontaneous protest of an anti-Islamic video made by some clown in California?

There was no protest. Was the video-protest line a cover story to conceal a horrible lapse of security before the attack and a failure to respond during the attack — resulting in the slaughter?"
The biggest issue is the only issue in American politics, how Obama retained his Jewish Billionaire funding. He managed to convince the Jews that America could simply no longer fight the expected Wars For The Jews with boots on the ground and full-fledged wars.  What it can do is fight the Wars For The Jews using new, smarter means - sanctions, proxy armies, and drones.  The sane-ish Jewish Billionaires - i.e., not Sheldon - accepted this as the best possible violence the gentiles could provide under all the circumstances.

So the private CIA purporting to secure the CIA field office in Benghazi did a deal with the proxy fighters in Libya, Sunni Islamist militants who hate America and are generally called 'al-Qaeda', that there would be a spectacular attack on the compound which would increase business for the private CIA and liberate a few imprisoned 'al-Qaeda' fighters held by the Americans.  The real CIA either didn't know about it or agreed to look the other way (as many in the CIA look to retire to lucrative jobs with the private CIA).  The scandals of allowing this to happen and using 'al-Qaeda' to fight Wars For The Jews were so important that Obama officials lied and blamed everything on the movie.  There still is no evidence that there actually was an affair - though Petraeus gave a star-struck biographer w-a-y too much access - but Petraeus got caught in an enormous amount of American-Zionist crossfire.

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