Wednesday, November 21, 2012


These periodic bouts of Jewish ritual slaughter of gentiles are . . . clarifying.  For example, it is simply not possible for anyone to watch or read any snippet of Gaza coverage from the mainstream media and miss the fact that the Jews own and control the media, and that they manipulate the coverage for the purposes of advancing the cause of violent Jewish group supremacism.

Similarly, the public reaction of the American government, both executive branch and legislative branch, makes clear the cost of Jewish billionaire financing of American political candidates.  Meanwhile, the American government is furiously working behind the scenes to try to mitigate some of the horrible damage done to the United States by this pandering to the Jewish billionaires.

In a nutshell, the Obama Doctrine - the deal between Barry and the Jewish billionaires - is that the United States will publicly back any bouts of Jewish ritual slaughter of gentiles while maintaining the right to try to reel in the Israeli government quietly and behind the scenes.  At the same time, the Americans do not need to put boots on the ground, or take any precipitous steps that might lead to the Americans having to put boots on the ground, in any future Wars For The Jews, as long as they fight any and all Wars For The Jews required of them using:
  1. drone warfare, and
  2. economic sanctions, and,
  3. proxy armies like the MEK or 'al Qaeda'.

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