Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grotesque caricatures

"Syria: "The menagerie of 'rebel' has not been able to hold ANY ground at all against government forces when they wish to retake it""  Despite what you may read in the Jew-controlled media, this hasn't changed since the beginnings of the foreign intervention.

"Minor victory for the antisemitism card":
"There have been many grotesque caricatures of Jews in the past and, of course, more recently.  One recurring theme is the power of Jews to manipulate apparently powerful politicians.  But what do we do when reality resembles these antisemitic caricatures?"
"Brayer: The Absolute Right of Palestinian Resistance" Never forget it. The only restraint on the Palestinians is effectiveness.  All the moral fault lies on the oppressors.

Atzmon:  "Paul Larudee: BDS, Arab Land and the Custodian of Absentee Property"  I'm sick and tired of all the 'tactics' (which are almost always a cover for some form of lite Zionism).  The goal is to permanently remove any Jew-controlled political entity from the Middle East.  It will be then up to the Palestinians what role Jews will play in their state.  BDS is one of the tools to cause a legitimacy crisis in the Jewish state, and that is why it is so feared by lite Zionists and why they are constantly messing with it.

"Britain and the Palestinian vote at the UN"  You didn't think they were going to do the right thing, did you?  Note what the Jews are really afraid of.

"The Way of the World"  The entire scam that is the stock market is based on what is supposed to be illegal, insider trading.
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