Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hoist with their own petard

Cryptome on Petraeus/Broadwell.  Oddly naive.  Both Petraeus and Broadwell were part of the Intelligence Industrial Complex, and would have reasonably expected that:
  1. all their communications would be monitored by some bored NSA boffin; and
  2. there would be absolutely no negative consequences to either of them, affair or no affair.
The Intelligence Industrial Complex is part of the War On Terror, which is itself just a tool of the institutional Islamophobia intended to assist Jews in killing people and stealing their land to build a Zionist Empire across the Middle East.  The War On Terror does not apply to upper middle class white people.  In fact, it almost never applies to white people of any class.  If it did, political pressure would instantly put a stop to the whole thing.

I've already reviewed the series of extremely unlikely things that had to have happened for Petraeus, Broadwell and Allen to have been caught.  There is an enjoyable irony - Schadenfreude - in watching these people who lived and prospered off the evil of Islamophobia get hoist with their own petard.

If the old white architect who publishes Cryptome were black, or, heaven forbid, Muslim, he'd be in jail right now.
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