Sunday, November 25, 2012

Host Management: A Guide For Parasites

I keep reading how clever Bibi is, and how the attack on Gaza was part of a larger brilliant strategy against Egypt, Syria, or Iran.  I think it is time we put the 'smart Jew' meme to bed.  Israel hasn't done anything smart in decades, and the latest Gaza mass murder is just another in a sad list of hopeless stupidities.  What exactly did Bibi think was going to happen?

I return to the idea that there are two types of Jewish billionaires, the Jews who support Obama and the Obama Doctrine (these Jews we could call 'Hollywood'), and the Jews like Sheldon who won't accept anything less than full boots-on-the-ground Wars For The Jews.

It is primarily a difference in opinion on how to properly manage a host from the point of view of the parasite.  World Jewry and its Zionist Empire is a parasite on the United States.  The problem for all parasites is how to extract the most resources from the host before it dies.  Parasites generally have an alternative host to move to, but no other powerful country is stupid enough, or corrupt enough in the proper way, to fall into that trap.  Once the American Empire is dead, the Jews have no more options.  Sheldon believes he can still extract more boots-on-the-ground Wars For The Jews before the United States is just a hollowed-out shell; 'Hollywood' accepts Obama's assertion that the Obama Doctrine is the best he can do, and that maximum value from what is left of the American Empire can only be obtained in a more limited way.

Bibi threw his lot in with Romney and Sheldon, and almost certainly can't even contact Obama directly to get a feel for the American position.  Obama has 'Hollywood' backing to protect the interests of the American Empire, at least as far as keeping it alive long enough to maximize Jewish parasitic value extraction.  Bibi's lack of access and information, together with the bifurcation in American Jewish billionaire positions, is a recipe for Israeli disaster.  The only reason Bibi is still around is that the generals who really run Israel are as stupid as he is.
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