Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

All this talk that the Gaza attack was really about Iran might as well come straight out of Bibi's office (and if you keep reading the same sort of 'Iran talk' from the same source, you might want to consider who is funding that source).  From the Angry Arab:
"Western media, or experts cited in Western media, are often so ignorant of the realities in the Middle East.  They have been railing about Iranian role in the war on Gaza in the last few weeks.  Most analysts cited did not even know that there has been conflict between Iran and Hamas over the last several months.  Khaild Mish`al relations with Iran has deteriorated as he has been receiving more cash support from GCC countries--not only Qatar."

Weiss is forthcoming on his censorship in discussing the surprisingly brave, and surprisingly still employed, Patrick Pexton:
"Pexton raises a delicate and important issue. By identifying the religion of complaint-writers (on what basis I can only surmise; hey, I also guess at last names), he is saying that American Jews support Israel overwhelmingly. Well, it is on this basis that some have blamed the American Jewish collective for Israel's behavior, and said that any American Jewish organization is responsible for the human rights atrocities Israel is committing. I am saying that Pexton's generalization could foster anti-Semitism, as more and more Americans are disgusted by Israel's actions and look around for who to blame for Israel's impunity from accountability.
Which leads to my challenge. Isn't it time that American media organizations and American Jewish groups began pulling apart the issue of To what extent the American Jewish community is married to Israel? I.e., When did Zionism (Jewish nationalism) ravish the Jewish community, and why? How many American Jews are no longer drinking that potion? I think the answer is, Many object to Israel's conduct. And it's time we heard from them. Because their argument is persuasive, and because an open fight among American Jews over Israel's conduct will help everyone. More later.
(P.S. In fairness, once sharing Pexton's generalization, I used to do posts saying that there are too many Jews on the Israel beat in our newspapers and too many Jews at the Council on Foreign Relations. I dropped that line because it was imprecise and because I came to believe, based on all the anti-Zionists I was meeting, that there is actual diversity inside the Jewish community. The media ought to foster that diversity by reporting on it.)"
Weiss perceives his job as protecting American Jews from the consequences of their Zionism.  Of course, in so doing he provides them space to continue to do the evil that they do.

"Obama 'drone-warfare rulebook' condemned by human rights groups"  We must never forget that 'Hollywood', i.e., rich liberal Jews, are behind this, as the drones are substitutes for the boots on the ground in fighting the Wars For The Jews.  Just another example of the destruction of international law by Zionism.

Pilger:  "As Gaza is savaged again, BBC’s role is exposed":
"This is notably true in the Middle East, where the Israeli state has successfully intimidated the BBC into presenting the theft of Palestinian land and the caging, torturing and killing of its people as an intractable “conflict” between equals. Standing in the rubble from an Israeli attack, one BBC journalist went further and referred to “Gaza’s strong culture of martyrdom”. So great is the distortion that young viewers of BBC news have told Glasgow University researchers they are left with the impression that Palestinians are the illegal colonisers of their own country. The current BBC “coverage” of Gaza’s genocidal misery reinforces this."
"NYC Haredim Voted Overwhelmingly For Romney"

"Dotcom: We've hit the jackpot" The FBI is an organized crime organization, and, in this case, is working for 'Hollywood'.

"Canned hunt"
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