Saturday, November 17, 2012

Showing off the new dome

There have been a number of theories why Bibi decided to go apeshit at this particular time.  Of course, the massive weight of evidence, including the gloating, is that Jews just enjoy watching gentiles die cruel deaths.  There is also a formula in Bibi's office which shows him how many additional votes he gets with every slaughtered Palestinian child.

But I'm thinking Lebanon, particularly the planned Jewish theft of the waters of the Litani River.  The problem is the retaliatory rockets fired by Hezbollah in self-defense, and the fear of such retaliation in the Jewish population.  The Iron Dome is a PR exercise in order to make the upcoming illegal attack seem safe for Jewish Israelis.

It has been a dismal failure, but it is being spun as an incredible success.  Its targets are homemade, very slow rockets fired by amateur collaborators of the Israelis - thus giving the Israelis a pretty good idea of the trajectories - and the vast majority of rockets are getting through.  Hezbollah, with professional rockets and professional rocket technicians, will do much, much better.

Iron Dome as a military device - abject failure.  Iron Dome as a PR device to fool Israelis - overwhelming success.  I'm not complaining.  This is the sure road to the end of the Jewish state.
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