Sunday, November 04, 2012

Stratfor: "they know shit about nothing"

"Behind the Sources (I): The One-Stop Shop"  Great detective work in discovering yet another player in the Hezbollah-disparagement industry (the analysis of the payment trail seems fairly conclusive, and the last line of the article is my title).  This is just a small part of the greater propaganda program being conducted by World Jewry, with Stratfor playing a key role throughout.

"Could The US Have Saved Tens Of Thousands Of Jews From The Holocaust? Maybe Not"  I really, really enjoy the underlying Jewish supremacist assumption that the United States was under a moral imperative to risk the lives of its own citizens - not to mention imperiling the war effort, possibly risking the United States itself, and thus leading to the death of more Jews in the process -  to take an unlikely flyer on possibly stopping something it really didn't know was happening.

It is like watching hyenas eat:  "Discredited Nazi-Looted Art Hunter Loses Suit":
"A federal judge rebuffed a disbarred lawyer's second attempt to stake a claim against Nazi-looted art in Czech galleries on behalf of Holocaust survivors.
     Before his ouster, Edward Fagan successfully represented thousands of Holocaust survivors and their descendents in restitution lawsuits over bank accounts and property confiscated from Nazi victims during Hitler's occupation of Europe. Fagan's reputation and business, however, began to decline after former clients accused him of negligence and fraud.
     Fagan was dismissed from the New York and New Jersey Bars in 2008, after a federal judge found no trace of a Holocaust survivor group Fagan purported to represent and imposed sanctions that Fagan could not pay."
"Average White Wealth = 22 x Average Black Wealth":
"In fact, blacks are worse off than they were four years ago. The wealth gap between blacks and whites has doubled, with whites now having 22 times the average wealth of blacks. The education gap has increased. While the national unemployment rate has remained fairly steady under the Obama administration, black unemployment has gone up 11%.
One can argue about the cause of those changes and the degree to which Obama bears any responsibility for either creating them or fixing them. But one cannot argue about the fact of them: the ascent of America’s first black president has coincided with the one of the steepest descents of the economic fortunes of black Americans since the second world war both in real terms and relative to whites.
This situation stands in stark contrast to the devotion of black voters to the president’s election. Both four years ago and now Obama can count on 90% of the vote from the African-American community, though as one community leader told Younge, that’s 90% of those motivated enough to go vote. Yet the fact remains that the group most loyal to Obama has benefited least from his tenure. Still, very few members of that group have questioned the president's approach or policies, at least publicly."
"Hard-hit by sanctions, Iran suspends 20-percent uranium enrichment"  "Iran denies suspending uranium enrichment":
"This article was corrected on 4 November 2012. An earlier version of this story ran with the headline "Iran suspends uranium enrichment" based on Asafari's quotes as reported by al-Arabiya."
"Remembering Abu Jihad and why, really, the Israelis killed him"

"British millionaire pleads guilty in Iran missile scheme"

I also enjoy reading 'Langley' on Langley:  "Republicans Tip world off to covert CIA Role in Libya"  The desperate Republicans think they have a political issue in Benghazi, and they do, except for the small problem that they can't discuss what the real problem is.  "Obama’s New Libyan Defense Chief: Bush’s Paul Wolfowitz, on Benghazi"  The photo looks 'shopped to morph George Bush in there somehow.

"Campaign to Establish a Canadian Department of Peace"
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