Monday, November 19, 2012

The "Jewish owned press"

"Born again Christian Zionist Rupert Murdoch berates "Jewish owned press""

This is funny on so many levels, particularly coming through the very touchy lite Zionists at Jews sans frontieres.  It is always a lite Zionist festival of self-congratulation whenever the ongoing Jewish violence gets too obvious (see also Finkelstein, Mondoweiss, etc).  Much celebration of Jewish violence accompanied by tut-tut-tutting.

The Angry Arab has been documenting all the ridiculously slanted overage of the mainstream media. I notice the New York Times is - under overwhelming provocation - now included amongst the 'Zionist media', though I assume the more telling 'Jew-controlled media' is still treif.  'Zionist media' is completely meaningless as, per Noam, Zionism is just a branch of American imperialism (an easy mistake to make these days, with the Jew-controlled Obama and the Jew-controlled Congress enabling the Jewish violence in every possible way).

There is no way to hide the massive disproportionality of the Jewish violence, so the main media theme is that somehow the Jews are constantly reacting to Palestinian violence, an outright Jewish lie:
  1. "Time line of attacks and responses between Hamas and Israel plus analysis."
  2. "How Israel shattered Gaza truce leading to escalating death and tragedy: a timeline"
  3. "Gaza: Timeline, Fineline and Endgame"
 Bonus fun, this time through the concentration camp guard.

Added:  More laughs:  "Worried about Zionist pets: for the Jerusalem Post"
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