Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thurdsay, November 15, 2012

"Wow, Small World"

"Meet the Lebanese characters in the Petraeus affair: on the "persecution" of Catholics in Lebanon"

Fashionable in certain circles:  "Lockheed Martin exec resigns after affair"

"Jonathan Langdale":
"Dude, Petraeus went to Tripoli himself right after Broadwell's keynote in late October, when & where he conducted a personal investigation into Benghazi.

I think Petraeus confirmed that politically motivated agents disobeyed orders and made the attack than it would have been.  Then it comes down to who disobeyed orders.  If that person doesn't like Petraeus and doesn't like Obama, that person probably played the affair card.  So Petraeus called their bluff and resigned (the affair is a manufactured excuse, or a convenient one).

GOP knew about this to some degree, but it was classified and they couldn't be caught leaking it before the election.  The best they could do was the FOX story on the 26th, also before Petraeus' trip.

This has Benghazi written all over it.  The scandal is what FOX reported, except it's worse."

The concentration camp guard's latest job is to convince Americans how wonderful and non-threatening the Syrian rebels are.

"Is Israel Escalating War on Gaza to Foil US-Iran Deal?"  No, as Hamas has broken with Syria-Iran so its leaders can be free to accept the Qatari graft payments.

"Did a CIA Drone Really Level Two Homes in Indianapolis?"  Sorcha Faal, so reader beware, but something like this will happen soon enough in the United States.

I've always liked Emo, but prefer the crazier, younger version, which I guess was too creepy as he became older:  "Well Then"
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