Friday, November 02, 2012


"Israel 'admits' killing Arafat's deputy"

"Khalil al-Wazir Death: Israel Admits To Assassination Of Abu Jihad, Arafat Deputy In 1988"

So why is the violet supremacist Jewish collective announcing this now?  Could it be a warning to the Palestinian leadership about the current UN statehood bid?  The Jews have a long and sordid history of using legal trickery by their lawyers - I think the technical term is 'shysters' - to 'legitimize' their murdering and thieving,  Thugs like Dershowitz and Cotler spend all their days scheming up new tricks, and the massive Jewish legal sniping against Iran is just a small example of this.  The violet supremacist Jewish collective is terrified that any kind of recognition will allow the Palestinians access to the World Court.
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