Monday, December 31, 2012

What the Chuck?

People always vastly underestimate the power of the Jewish Billionaires on American politics.  No matter how ridiculous it seems to be to talk about ZOG, the reality of the tentacles of evil Jewish power over Americans is much, much, much, much worse than most Americans can imagine.  Obama would never have been able to float a Chuck Hagel trial balloon without the express prior written consent of the Jewish Billionaires who support him (the group I like to call 'Hollywood', although most of them are based in Wall Street).  The weird dance of the Obama Administration is actually a reflection of the bifurcation amongst American - as if any of them are truly 'American' - Jewish Billionaires.  The split is between those who are angry at what they perceive to be incompetence at worldwide Gentile management by Bibi, and those who support a damn-the-torpedoes settler program, leading to a very quick 'final solution' of some sort for the Palestinians.  The battle amongst the Jews, however they might order us to categorize themselves, is never about building Greater Israel, but always about the strategy and timing of the project of the annihilation of the Gentile peoples of the Middle East.

In fact, 'Hollywood' is furious at the old-fashioned American Likudniks, and part of the trial balloon strategy is to smoke them out, allowing their arrogance and assumptions about their control of American politics to lead to an overreaching assertion of power.  The goal is to embarrass Bibi's American power base, and thus attempt to rein in Bibi and Israeli politics, which is lurching so quickly rightwards that 'Hollywood' is terrified that the Gentiles will catch on to the vile realities of the collective Jewish project for the Middle East.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The US is a mess

"School Shootings in the US"

"After Islamophobic hate crime in New York City, mayor wants public to ‘keep death in perspective’"

"Washington’s Blog: Facebook Censors Prominent Political Critics"

"Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy":
". . . a terrifying network of coordinated DHS, FBI, police, regional fusion center, and private-sector activity so completely merged into one another that the monstrous whole is, in fact, one entity: in some cases, bearing a single name, the Domestic Security Alliance Council. And it reveals this merged entity to have one centrally planned, locally executed mission. The documents, in short, show the cops and DHS working for and with banks to target, arrest, and politically disable peaceful American citizens."
"Americans Are The Most Spied On People In World History"

Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012

Atzmon:  "Jewish Projection For Christmas".  Me:  "The crucifixion of Christ, and the attack on Iraq".

"MI6 codebreaker Gareth Williams 'probably locked himself into sports bag'"  Forget the fact that they have already admitted that this is impossible.  A 'a retired Army sergeant' showed them how to do it, sort of.  The lack of hand and footprints in the bathroom proves that somebody wiped it clean, presumably Williams just before he locked himself in the bag!  More background and speculation:
  1. "Murder Of Spook Gareth Williams: Nsa; Mind Control"
  2. "Death of a GCHQ code-breaker: no wonder his family smell a rat"
  3. "MI6 codebreaker attended US security conference just before his death"
"New Zealand's largest paper calls Kim Dotcom “good for this country”"

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing day

"The Ultimate Logic of a Society Built on Mass Murder"

"Zionism, anti-Semitism and colonialism"  Honest writing about the bullshit known as 'anti-
Semitism' is the rarest thing in the world:
"In 1935, the German Zionist branch was the only political force that supported the Nazi Nuremberg Laws in the country, and was the only party still allowed to publish its own newspaper the Rundschau until after Kristallnacht in 1938. Nazi officials would visit Palestine as guests of the Zionists in 1934 and in 1937. In the latter year, it was none other than Adolf Eichmann and Herbert Hagen who arrived in the country. The two were taken by the Zionist envoy Feivel Polkes to Mount Carmel to visit a Jewish colonial-settlement.

Eichmann's second arrival in the country in the early 60s to be tried and executed was indeed his second visit, something Israeli propaganda always forgets to mention. Yet Zionism would always claim that its collaboration with anti-Semitism was strategic, namely to save Jews."

They said Libya was yet another War For Oil, as the alternative is too horrible to state out loud (hint:  it rhymes with War For The News):  "INTERVIEW-Libya to sweeten terms for foreign oil companies":

"Royal Dutch Shell suspended drilling and abandoned exploration on two Libya blocks due to disappointing results, it said in May, while other firms are wary about resuming exploration because of concerns about safety."

Extremely rare mention of the ongoing civil war in Libya from the Guardian in June.

"DND removes report on killing of Canadian soldier by Israeli forces"

"'Meet the Kagans' and No, It's Not a Sitcom"  The weird level of access provided by Petraeus is part and parcel of living under ZOG.  It wasn't enough to protect him from Cantor.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The gain of a train in vain

"Biofuel credits behind mystery cross-border train shipments"

Friday, December 21, 2012


"St. Louis city board shelves Veolia contract following activist outcry over human rights abuses"

"Rideau Transit Group scoops Ottawa ‘Confederation Line’ LRT contract":
"The Rideau Transit Group (RTG) is led by ACS Infrastructure and includes a big Canadian component, with Quebec engineering firm SNC-Lavalin and assorted subsidiaries playing roles as financiers, engineers, operators and maintenance overseers. Additional team members of the consortium include EllisDon Corporation, Dragados Canada, Veolia Transportation Services, Adamson Associates, BBB Architects Ottawa, Dr G Sauer & Partners Corporation, Fast + Epp, Hatch Mott McDonald, IBI Group, L2 Advisors, MMM Group, Scotia Capital, Sereca Fire Consulting and Thurber Engineering."
The Canadian media is focusing on the participation of the sleazeballs at SNC-Lavalin, and the Veolia sleazeballs slipped right in.  I imagine there are all sorts of ways to complicate the work of the consortium until it removes Veolia.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"On the captors of Richard Engel: the plot thickens"  So the only question is whether NBC was in on this, or just displaying the normal journalistic incompetence.

"The Insane Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories That Are Already Flooding Facebook and Twitter"  By the way, Gawker refused to play along with the Engel news blackout.

"Strange links: Aurora, Hunger Games, Sandy Hook, Batman"

"Russian warships set sail to Mediterranean amid possible Syria evacuation"  More likely to be bringing something, and they want everybody to know it.

"No "Jewish Leaders" Headlines?"  "Washington Post defends picture of dead Gaza child after complaints from ‘Jews in large numbers’"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Tactical Reality"

"Newtown Conspiracy Hoax Spreads Fast Across Fringe"

"Chomsky supports BDS"

"it should be obvious that chomsky is lying through his teeth here"

"Richard Engel and NBC News team freed from captors in Syria" - "The captors were unidentified."  Added:  oh wait, they have "a 'very good idea' about who they were".

"The new Libya"  The almost completely unreported ongoing civil war in Libya.

"Man Who Will Die In Great Eastern Seaboard Flood Of 2023 Preparing For Mayan Apocalypse"

Monday, December 17, 2012

The real deep problem

There's the guns - most made for killing in military situations and with no other possible legitimate purpose, and the massive magazines, and, of course, the handguns - and there is the systematic corruption of American politics by lobby groups - most famously and destructively, the Israel lobby, but in this case the gun manufacturers' lobby groups - and there is the problem of a mercenary medical care system with no money to treat mental health issues in a large portion of the population, but those are not the real deep problem.  The real deep problem is the American fascist culture of violence, the ultimate blow-back from all the Wars For The Jews (which, of course, we're not allowed to mention).  I'm growing very sensitive to this problem in Canada, with all the clear indications that the Harper government is intentionally instilling this fascist militarized culture of violence, on the American model, in Canada.

If you have a culture that celebrates killing brownish Middle Easterners, and a culture which celebrates Islamophobia (all encouraged by Jewish-billionaire-financed lobby groups and think tanks, and, of course, the Jew-owned Entertainment Industrial Complex), and a culture where the ultimate life goal for many young men is to be a commando conducting mass murder behind enemy lines while thinking that all Americans are currently living behind enemy lines (so 'double-tapping' school children is just part of the campaign), the series of American mass civilian murders is inevitable.  But you won't see anybody, particularly anybody on the 'left', even daring to mention the real problem (the hero of the 'left' is Susan Rice, leader of the Progressives for Civilian Carpet Bombing, with 'Responsibility to Protect' being the latest version of the White Man's Burden excuses for the violence of imperialism).  The issues raised are just too challenging to the power structure.  It is easier to try to ban a few of the most ridiculous guns, and whine about video games.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

An attempt at a Counter-Revolution?

The Revolution.

The period of Slavery and Suffering.

An attempt at a Counter-Revolution?  That puts Obama in the mix as a counterrevolutionary, as his complete non-support for Rice freed up a spot for Kerry, and made it more difficult for the Republicans to keep whining, thus freeing up a spot for Hagel.

This timing of the Pollard treason release may not be a coincidence.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Putin needs to fire Mikhail Bogdanov.  I'm sure the Russians are frustrated that Assad seems to be wasting precious time, and want to give him a sense of urgency.  Providing propaganda ammunition to World Jewry and its Jew-controlled media isn't the way to do it.

If the Americans manage to use a proxy army of 'al Qaeda' to take over Syria (not a prospect at the moment, but the rebels are doing serious humanitarian damage), an American proxy army of 'al Qaeda' will be fighting on Russian soil within a couple of years.  The battle over Syria is much more important to the Russians than just losing its Syrian base.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

When you are attacked by vampires

"HSBC, too big to jail, is the new poster child for US two-tiered justice system"

This is about the War For The Jews against Iran, but is spun as a under-regulated banking story (with a spectacularly out-of-place complaint about systematic Islamophobia in the American justice system).

You really have to wonder if World Jewry's arrogance of power isn't going to come back and bite them in the ass.

When you are attacked by vampires garlic is no longer enough.  Forget about crosses.  You need to employ a different kind of talisman.

Crime blotter

The fact that Ben-Menashe suggests Israel as the culprit leads me to think it is not Israel:  "Who Bombed Ben-Menashe’s House?" Montreal organized crime is currently in a state of uproar due to the construction industry corruption hearings.

"Lord Lucan 'mystery man' witness statement uncovered"

"Tim Grobaty: Convicted killer Jeffrey MacDonald won't give up"

Deak's murder makes the (sort of) mainstream media:  "Was CIA financier-turned Wall Street banker assassinated by the bearded bag lady? New evidence may solve mystery of 1985 shooting"

"Dominique Strauss-Kahn to pay New York maid $6 million"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The only thing that matters

"An American Coup in Egypt?" b
"Egypt's political crisis":
"President Mohamed Morsi and his advisors cannot have expected that his November 22 constitutional declaration would throw Egypt into a renewed state of turmoil. That it has speaks volumes to the immense changes that have occurred in the country during the past two years. Morsi's support for President Barack Obama's truce initiative during the fighting in Gaza clearly reassured the U.S. president that under a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) president Egypt would keep the peace with Israel. Because this has been the dominant concern within the U.S. foreign policy elite about the Egyptian revolution, Morsi had good reason to believe that the United States and the Egyptian Armed Forces would not object to his domestic decisions."
"Why did the Bahraini Crown Prince snub the USA?":
"His only mention of the United States came as a thinly veiled criticism of America's failure to make progress in the Middle East peace process.

"For the United States in particular, it is managing its relationship with the state of Israel and the stalled peace process, which is important to us all," Salman said.

Most attendees at the speech praised the crown prince for giving a speech that called for dialogue and reconciliation with the Bahraini opposition. But delegates from several countries noted over post-dinner drinks that his failure to say anything positive about the United States, which keeps the Navy's Fifth Fleet in Bahrain and supplies the island kingdom with more arms than any other country, could not have been an accident or an oversight."
The Jewish billionaire control over American politics creates these weird distortions in American foreign policy.  Many are now complaining that the Americans are now allied with the Muslim Brotherhood, but that is not quite right.  The fact is that Middle East governments can do whatever they want, whether it be to the people of Egypt or the people of Bahrain, no matter what the effect on real American long- or short-term interests, as long as they broadly agree to lay off essential Zionist interests (Oslo and the settlements).  Vague criticisms of the 'stalled peace process' are fine (phony concern for the Palestinians is allowed and even encouraged if it is to shore up domestic political support), but don't try to go any further.

The 'enemy of Israel's enemy is my friend' American approach to everything is leading to the bizarre plan to use a proxy war by 'al Qaeda' to oust Assad, and then start another war in Syria to oust 'al Qaeda'.  This two-war scheme follows the model of Afghanistan (and will probably be eventually required in Libya as well).

As long as Likudnik interests are all that matters in much of American foreign policy, we will continue to see these upside-down American alliances coupled with a seeming complete lack of concern for the domestic actions of Middle East governments.  The freedom to do whatever the hell they want is the pay-back by the Americans for laying off the Zionist Empire.  Zionism distorts everything.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Atzmon on Weiss.

Strange Weiss interview of Jonathan Cook, in which Weiss calmly reports how Jonathan Cook told Weiss that Weiss was full of shit (note how Weiss' new censorship of discussion of Jewish 'culture' has made his comment section a total mess).

Weiss accepts the basic tenets of Official Zionism (all nonsense to cover up for a now very unfashionable 19th century violent racist group nationalism, which is what Zionism really is, and which is firmly rooted in the Jewish 'culture' of group supremacism):
  1. The Jews are always under imminent threat of genocide all around the world due to ubiquitous and murderous Jew hatred;
  2. this Jew hatred is completely irrational, meaning that there is absolutely nothing the Jews can do to stop it;
  3. therefore the only salvation for the Jews is to build an ark of militarily fortified safety, which ark happens to be Israel.
The only difference between Weiss and the hard core Zionists is that Weiss believes that the United States is also an ark of safety, making Israel unnecessary, and the hardest oppression of the Palestinians counter-productive.  Of course, once the United States stops or modifies its ridiculous support of Zionism, the United States will lose its status as an ark, and you won't be able to distinguish Weiss from the concentration camp guard.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Highly modern lapses in ethical techniques

"What if 'In Cold Blood' got it wrong about Walker murders?":
"As local detectives pursue cold-case leads tying Smith and Hickock to Sarasota on the date of the Walker murders, age-old questions about Capote's motivations, scruples and literary style are inevitable. In fact, Robert Thompson, director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University, suggests that one of Capote's legacies is actually an antecedent to 'highly modern lapses in ethical techniques' in media."

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ben-Menashe arson attack

"Ben-Menashe Case Eyes Bomb Residue" by Robert Parry:
"The Montreal arson squad is investigating whether a military-grade accelerant was used in the firebombing that consumed the luxury home of ex-Israeli intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menashe on Sunday night.

Late Wednesday afternoon, police investigators digging through the scorched rubble took samples from what was left of the downstairs rug and sofa where the incendiary device was believed to have landed, touching off the blaze that spread rapidly forcing Ben-Menashe and a woman in the house to flee.

Police also are believed to have identified a suspect seen running away after the fire began, but the police had not yet found the individual. Several houses in the upscale neighborhood are equipped with security cameras, which may have recorded video of the attack.

The woman in Ben-Menashe’s house, who asked not to be identified for reasons of security, told me she attempted to extinguish the fire with water but to no avail. As it continued to spread, she escaped through the front door. Ben-Menashe said he made his escape through a rear entrance.

Police are reportedly hoping the detailed samples of the accelerant may help them determine who was behind the attack. The arson squad’s initial assessment is said to be that the  flammable agent was beyond the sort of accelerant used by common criminals."
"Montreal home of self-described Israeli spy ‘gutted’ in alleged firebombing" - pictures and more background.  I like how the World's Worst Newspaper describes him as a 'self-described' Israeli spy.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


"Serbia Nato envoy jumps to death in Brussels car park":
"After talking with colleagues, Mr Milinkovic suddenly strolled to a barrier, climbed over and flung himself to the ground below, a diplomat told the Associated Press.
Earlier on Tuesday, Mr Milinkovic had seemed "completely normal, talking to journalists in the corridors of Nato", a Serbian journalist in Brussels told the AFP news agency."

More details, and less plausibility:
"Serbia's ambassador to NATO was chatting and joking with colleagues in a multistory parking garage at Brussels Airport when he suddenly strolled to a barrier, climbed over and flung himself to the ground below, a diplomat said."
Poor bastard didn't even rate much of an effort at a lie.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Mystery train

"CN's $2.6M mystery U.S. trips never unloaded biodiesel" European environmental tax credit scam?

Monday, December 03, 2012


"James Bond and the killer bag lady"

"Hollywood Hitmen":
"The official ‘accident’ explanation of Gary’s death is certainly creative, if nothing else. By the police’s own calculations, in order to have ended up in the aqueduct, Gary would have had to have driven in excess of 110km/h without headlights – they had been deliberately turned off, the investigation found – the wrong way up a major highway for 3.2km, unnoticed, and through the only gap in the road rail – a mere 5m wide – all without causing any damage to either rail or car. “Evel Knievel on his best night couldn’t do that,” snorts Hollywood private investigator Don Crutchfield.

Officially, the wreckage was discovered following some savvy sleuthing by a laid-off accident specialist from aerospace giant Lockheed Martin. Gary’s ex-wife – and Babylon 5 star – Claudia Christian finds the circumstances suspicious, telling us via email: “My friends (one of whom is an ex-marine) took infrared equipment to the aqueduct where he was found days after he was missing and found nothing… so they were convinced that his car and that body was planted there.”

A number of things were missing from Gary’s car – the laptop computer containing The Big Steal, the gun and ammunition he always carried with him on long trips… and his hands. "

"William Pawley, the Kennedy Assassination, and Watergate"

"Notes on Lunch with Arlen Specter on January 4, 2012"  Must-read.

"Alleged tip two days before assassination links Eunice and JFK"

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Losing touch with reality

"Gaza shows impact of Arab revolts"  Obama chose the Muslim Brotherhood over Bibi, one has to assume with the blessing of 'Hollywood'.  Mursi, seeing how indispensable he was to saving the Americans from the results of mad-dog Zionism, took the opportunity to declare himself Pharaoh.

It appears that the Israelis decided well before the American election that they were going to attack Gaza immediately after the election, on the assumption, based on those same faulty polls that fooled the Republicans, that Romney and Sheldon were going to win.  When Obama won, Bibi naturally assumed that AIPAC would take care of the American government as usual, and AIPAC certainly worked its magic with Congress.  No need to pass up an enjoyable caged hunt.

Bibi knew that the Palestinians were working on drumming up support for their UN bid, and slaughtered Gaza children would only help the Palestinian cause.  Again, he assumed that the Jewish billionaire control over the American government was strong enough that the Americans would strong arm all the Europeans into voting no.  That American support either did not occur, or was too unenthusiastic to sway natural European outrage.

The one advantage of the Gaza attack to the Israeli generals is the propaganda over the 'success' of the Iron Dome, leaving them free to attack Lebanon, at which point Hezbollah rockets will tear Israel to pieces.

All group supremacists eventually fall into this trap, leaving the reality based community in a haze of their own superiority beliefs.  The Nazis knew about bad Russian winter weather, but assumed the laws of nature didn't apply to them.