Saturday, December 01, 2012

Losing touch with reality

"Gaza shows impact of Arab revolts"  Obama chose the Muslim Brotherhood over Bibi, one has to assume with the blessing of 'Hollywood'.  Mursi, seeing how indispensable he was to saving the Americans from the results of mad-dog Zionism, took the opportunity to declare himself Pharaoh.

It appears that the Israelis decided well before the American election that they were going to attack Gaza immediately after the election, on the assumption, based on those same faulty polls that fooled the Republicans, that Romney and Sheldon were going to win.  When Obama won, Bibi naturally assumed that AIPAC would take care of the American government as usual, and AIPAC certainly worked its magic with Congress.  No need to pass up an enjoyable caged hunt.

Bibi knew that the Palestinians were working on drumming up support for their UN bid, and slaughtered Gaza children would only help the Palestinian cause.  Again, he assumed that the Jewish billionaire control over the American government was strong enough that the Americans would strong arm all the Europeans into voting no.  That American support either did not occur, or was too unenthusiastic to sway natural European outrage.

The one advantage of the Gaza attack to the Israeli generals is the propaganda over the 'success' of the Iron Dome, leaving them free to attack Lebanon, at which point Hezbollah rockets will tear Israel to pieces.

All group supremacists eventually fall into this trap, leaving the reality based community in a haze of their own superiority beliefs.  The Nazis knew about bad Russian winter weather, but assumed the laws of nature didn't apply to them.
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