Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The only thing that matters

"An American Coup in Egypt?" b
"Egypt's political crisis":
"President Mohamed Morsi and his advisors cannot have expected that his November 22 constitutional declaration would throw Egypt into a renewed state of turmoil. That it has speaks volumes to the immense changes that have occurred in the country during the past two years. Morsi's support for President Barack Obama's truce initiative during the fighting in Gaza clearly reassured the U.S. president that under a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) president Egypt would keep the peace with Israel. Because this has been the dominant concern within the U.S. foreign policy elite about the Egyptian revolution, Morsi had good reason to believe that the United States and the Egyptian Armed Forces would not object to his domestic decisions."
"Why did the Bahraini Crown Prince snub the USA?":
"His only mention of the United States came as a thinly veiled criticism of America's failure to make progress in the Middle East peace process.

"For the United States in particular, it is managing its relationship with the state of Israel and the stalled peace process, which is important to us all," Salman said.

Most attendees at the speech praised the crown prince for giving a speech that called for dialogue and reconciliation with the Bahraini opposition. But delegates from several countries noted over post-dinner drinks that his failure to say anything positive about the United States, which keeps the Navy's Fifth Fleet in Bahrain and supplies the island kingdom with more arms than any other country, could not have been an accident or an oversight."
The Jewish billionaire control over American politics creates these weird distortions in American foreign policy.  Many are now complaining that the Americans are now allied with the Muslim Brotherhood, but that is not quite right.  The fact is that Middle East governments can do whatever they want, whether it be to the people of Egypt or the people of Bahrain, no matter what the effect on real American long- or short-term interests, as long as they broadly agree to lay off essential Zionist interests (Oslo and the settlements).  Vague criticisms of the 'stalled peace process' are fine (phony concern for the Palestinians is allowed and even encouraged if it is to shore up domestic political support), but don't try to go any further.

The 'enemy of Israel's enemy is my friend' American approach to everything is leading to the bizarre plan to use a proxy war by 'al Qaeda' to oust Assad, and then start another war in Syria to oust 'al Qaeda'.  This two-war scheme follows the model of Afghanistan (and will probably be eventually required in Libya as well).

As long as Likudnik interests are all that matters in much of American foreign policy, we will continue to see these upside-down American alliances coupled with a seeming complete lack of concern for the domestic actions of Middle East governments.  The freedom to do whatever the hell they want is the pay-back by the Americans for laying off the Zionist Empire.  Zionism distorts everything.
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