Monday, December 17, 2012

The real deep problem

There's the guns - most made for killing in military situations and with no other possible legitimate purpose, and the massive magazines, and, of course, the handguns - and there is the systematic corruption of American politics by lobby groups - most famously and destructively, the Israel lobby, but in this case the gun manufacturers' lobby groups - and there is the problem of a mercenary medical care system with no money to treat mental health issues in a large portion of the population, but those are not the real deep problem.  The real deep problem is the American fascist culture of violence, the ultimate blow-back from all the Wars For The Jews (which, of course, we're not allowed to mention).  I'm growing very sensitive to this problem in Canada, with all the clear indications that the Harper government is intentionally instilling this fascist militarized culture of violence, on the American model, in Canada.

If you have a culture that celebrates killing brownish Middle Easterners, and a culture which celebrates Islamophobia (all encouraged by Jewish-billionaire-financed lobby groups and think tanks, and, of course, the Jew-owned Entertainment Industrial Complex), and a culture where the ultimate life goal for many young men is to be a commando conducting mass murder behind enemy lines while thinking that all Americans are currently living behind enemy lines (so 'double-tapping' school children is just part of the campaign), the series of American mass civilian murders is inevitable.  But you won't see anybody, particularly anybody on the 'left', even daring to mention the real problem (the hero of the 'left' is Susan Rice, leader of the Progressives for Civilian Carpet Bombing, with 'Responsibility to Protect' being the latest version of the White Man's Burden excuses for the violence of imperialism).  The issues raised are just too challenging to the power structure.  It is easier to try to ban a few of the most ridiculous guns, and whine about video games.
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