Monday, December 10, 2012


Atzmon on Weiss.

Strange Weiss interview of Jonathan Cook, in which Weiss calmly reports how Jonathan Cook told Weiss that Weiss was full of shit (note how Weiss' new censorship of discussion of Jewish 'culture' has made his comment section a total mess).

Weiss accepts the basic tenets of Official Zionism (all nonsense to cover up for a now very unfashionable 19th century violent racist group nationalism, which is what Zionism really is, and which is firmly rooted in the Jewish 'culture' of group supremacism):
  1. The Jews are always under imminent threat of genocide all around the world due to ubiquitous and murderous Jew hatred;
  2. this Jew hatred is completely irrational, meaning that there is absolutely nothing the Jews can do to stop it;
  3. therefore the only salvation for the Jews is to build an ark of militarily fortified safety, which ark happens to be Israel.
The only difference between Weiss and the hard core Zionists is that Weiss believes that the United States is also an ark of safety, making Israel unnecessary, and the hardest oppression of the Palestinians counter-productive.  Of course, once the United States stops or modifies its ridiculous support of Zionism, the United States will lose its status as an ark, and you won't be able to distinguish Weiss from the concentration camp guard.
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