Monday, December 31, 2012

What the Chuck?

People always vastly underestimate the power of the Jewish Billionaires on American politics.  No matter how ridiculous it seems to be to talk about ZOG, the reality of the tentacles of evil Jewish power over Americans is much, much, much, much worse than most Americans can imagine.  Obama would never have been able to float a Chuck Hagel trial balloon without the express prior written consent of the Jewish Billionaires who support him (the group I like to call 'Hollywood', although most of them are based in Wall Street).  The weird dance of the Obama Administration is actually a reflection of the bifurcation amongst American - as if any of them are truly 'American' - Jewish Billionaires.  The split is between those who are angry at what they perceive to be incompetence at worldwide Gentile management by Bibi, and those who support a damn-the-torpedoes settler program, leading to a very quick 'final solution' of some sort for the Palestinians.  The battle amongst the Jews, however they might order us to categorize themselves, is never about building Greater Israel, but always about the strategy and timing of the project of the annihilation of the Gentile peoples of the Middle East.

In fact, 'Hollywood' is furious at the old-fashioned American Likudniks, and part of the trial balloon strategy is to smoke them out, allowing their arrogance and assumptions about their control of American politics to lead to an overreaching assertion of power.  The goal is to embarrass Bibi's American power base, and thus attempt to rein in Bibi and Israeli politics, which is lurching so quickly rightwards that 'Hollywood' is terrified that the Gentiles will catch on to the vile realities of the collective Jewish project for the Middle East.
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