Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Andre Pshenichnikov

The newest style of 'legend' for Israeli spies:  "Egypt Arrests Israeli Activist Traveling to Gaza"

There is really no reason to believe he was headed to Gaza, as his mission, like 'activist' Ilan Grapel (and note the laughable Zionist spin at Wikipedia) before him, appears to be intelligence gathering in Egypt:  "Egypt says pro-Palestinian Israeli arrested after photographing security sites":
"Egyptian security sources told Ynet news late Monday that Pshenichnikov was caught photographing security installations, and tried to find information on managers of the Taba border crossing.
According to Army Radio, he crossed the Egyptian border illegally last week before being captured and handed over to Israeli authorities, who detained him, and after several days released him on condition that he hand over his passports. Pshenichnikov then jumped the border illegally again and was arrested by Egyptian authorities."
Now why would a pro-Palestinian activist be photographing security installations, and trying to find information on managers of the Taba border crossing?

The building of the 'legend' as a pro-Palestinian activist is also fishy (my emphasis in ted):
"The family immigrated to Israel when Pshenichnikov was 13. Israel grants automatic citizenship to anyone who is Jewish. He later completed his three years of mandatory military service, enlisting as a computer programmer in the army’s signals corps, and even served an additional year and a half as a career soldier.
But sometime during his military service, he began to question Israel’s relationship with the Palestinians. Since then, he has completely rejected his adopted country. After his service ended, he moved to the refugee camp in April and worked as a waiter in a Bethlehem hotel and as a construction worker in Deheishe.
“I hate Zionism … I want to be part of the Palestinian resistance,” Pshenichnikov told The Associated Press. “I call for other Israelis who support the existence of a state of Palestine to do the same, to come live in the West Bank or Gaza as Palestinians.”
The Palestinians want to make the West Bank part of an independent state. For the time being, in accordance with past agreements with Israel, they technically don’t have a Palestinian citizenship but the self-rule authority issues I.D. residency cards and Palestinian passports.
Pshenichnikov said he chose to live near Bethlehem in hopes of taking advantage of his fluency in Russian to guide Russian tourists in Jesus’ traditional hometown.
Residents say he was initially treated with suspicion. Many Palestinians suspected him of being an Israeli spy and Palestinian officials eventually handed him over to Israeli authorities. But Pshenichnikov remained undeterred, returning to Deheishe where was apprehended by Palestinian forces and handed over to Israel again.
Israeli police released him under restrictive conditions and banned him from entering the Palestinian-controlled areas pending the end of legal proceedings against him.
Tareq Abu Sheikha, who rented Pshenichnikov a room for a month, said he was “suspicious and not honest.”
Abu Sheikha said Pshenichnikov presented himself as a Russian foreign activist and was even seen throwing stones at Israeli soldiers during demonstrations. But he was also heard speaking in Hebrew on his phone and carried his old military I.D. card with him. “We don’t have a problem with any Israeli coming to be one of us. We’ll be honored and give them an I.D. card, but this young man was suspicious and he lied and that’s why we handed him to the Israelis,” he said."
Part of his job appears to be investigating the Egyptian jail system, and perhaps contacting other Israeli operatives (my emphasis in red):
"Pshenichnikov was arrested by police while trying to cross the border into Egypt at the Taba Crossing a week ago, after he had requested to reach Gaza through Egypt. He was kept in jail for a week, despite the fact that a court determined there was no cause for his arrest, because he refused to pay the minimal NIS 300 bail. He was finally released on Thursday afternoon."
Both Grapel and Pshenichnikov are transparently obvious examples, and I'm sure there are a lot of these 'activists' flying under the radar.
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