Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sea change

Or should I say pushed-into-the sea change?

"Kerry: Iran has an ‘elected’ government"

"Iran Cheers Latest Offer as ‘Turning Point’ in Negotiations With West"

"In remarks on ‘threats and challenges,’ new DefSec Chuck Hagel leaves out Iran"

Even the rats are scurrying to find new identities:  "Updated: Elliott Abrams tries to sound like… a liberal Zionist"  The new identity doesn't really fit a sore loser:  "Elliott Abrams: 'Hagel will be confirmed, but he will be a weaker secretary of defense'".

Weirder still, the concentration camp guard on something called 'anti-Zionism' (hell has frozen over):  "An Explanation of European Anti-Zionism"

I'll bet Bibi is ruing picking the wrong set of Jewish billionaires when he foolishly supported Mitt.  Americans, ZOG has a new set of slave owners! (Speaking of which, thanks to 5 dancing shlomos for the neat-o link:  "Spielberg’s Lincoln: Plenty of Negroes, But Why No Jews?")

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An example of using the slur to block legitimate criticism:  "How Did Dov Hikind's Career Survive His Purim Blackface Gaffe? Thuggery And Lies, Say Democrat Insiders"

Historical/religious background:  "The Mockery-Mongers"

"Friends of Hamas?"

Canadian versions:
  1. "Boycott Chapters & Indigo" 
  2. "Canada Park"  (started by Bernard Bloomfield, brother of the infamous Louis Mortimer Bloomfield) "Canada Park and Israeli "memoricide""
In the absence of mass genocide in Iran, Barry's going to have to come up with another suitable hostess gift:  "Israelis To Press Obama To Free Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard"

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Of course, the very idea that those nice people the Jews might be racist supremacists is so ridiculous that you are the bigot for pointing it out (if we can't discuss the wider community, who the hell keeps voting for him?).  It is nice that Jews and southern frat boys have so much in common.  Dov, another Kahanist, is fresh from his efforts at attempting to suppress freedom of speech at Brooklyn College.

The picture is hilarious - and also tragic - if you read the article.

The supremacists get on each other's nerves:  "How Anti-Whiteness is at the Heart of Jewish Identity".  I hate all supremacists equally.  That also makes me a bigot.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

"American Assassinations For Dummies"   A tour de force of a history of American assassination programs.  In the 1970s, there were enough moral and decent people around that this became a political issue, and some constraints were applied.  Now, between the Progressives For Carpet Bombing, the Progressives For Targeted Assassinations, and the Progressives for Islamophobia (not to mention the all important Progressives For Wars For The Jews), there is nobody around to complain.

The annual Jewish Film Awards were held yesterday, and the best film came down to a race between one that teaches that all Muslims are crazed violent killers with a completely murderous hatred of innocent Americans (an idea that is based completely on the modern Jewish conception of Jew-hatred), and one that teaches that all Iranians are crazed violent killers with a completely murderous hatred of innocent Americans.  The second one won (and note that both were sold to Americans as essentially documentaries, while neither had any more than the tiniest connection to reality), only because mass genocide of Iranians is the current Jewish obsession.

"US investigated Gaza flotilla passengers for terror ties but not Israel’s slaying of citizen, new docs show"  ZOG prioritization.

"Exodus to the UK as French Jews escape antisemitism"  Funny where they are not going.

"Secrets of the Rich"

"BDS Against George Galloway"  As . . . well, always, the Jews have completely taken over the BDS movement, and are manipulating it for their own violent racist supremacist ends.

Friday, February 22, 2013

False-flag nation

It is almost impossible to determine what Ben Zygier was up to that ended in his murder, but we can make a reasonable guess based, as usual, on the details of the cover-up.

"Netanyahu denies ASIO link to Zygier" - "an extraordinary statement".  How could Bibi possibly know Zygier had no contact?

The timeline has been intentionally altered by the Israelis in order to put Zygier in custody at a time when his real offense occurred, probably in late February or early March, well after the initial police investigations in Dubai of the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh.

"Who Is The Father Of Ben Zygier's Second Daughter?" and comments:
  1. Merlin2;
  2. somebody;
  3. somebody;
  4. Merlin2;
  5. b;
  6. somebody 
After the assassination, Dubai had copies of the passports but no direct proof that there was anything wrong with them. In particular, the Dubai authorities had no reason to suspect the Australian passports, not even part of the initial investigation, were part of a cache of iffy passports issued to members of the Melbourne Jewish community as part of an ongoing Mossad operation.  When Zygier heard about the assassination, he knew immediately what had happened, and was probably outraged because the Mossad misled him about how the passports would be used (they probably told him it would be limited to economic sabotage against Iran), and how this might affect Jewish life in Australia (the combination of incompetence and sheer arrogance in the Mossad Dubai operation, together with the misuse of the passports, put the position of all Jews in Australia in question).  Zygier went to the ASIO and told them about the passport gathering operation.  Somebody in the ASIO told somebody in Dubai intelligence (almost certainly without permission, given how the ASIO has otherwise assisted the Mossad), and Dubai was able to put all the pieces of the assassination together.  Alarms went off in the Mossad, and they immediately started an investigation about who told the ASIO, and Zygier was betrayed either by somebody in his family, somebody in the Jewish community, or by the ASIO itself.  Zygier, unaware of the betrayal, returned voluntarily to Israel, where he was imprisoned, and later murdered, in order to prevent anybody from putting the pieces of the Mossad passport gathering operations together.

"Mossad, Prisoner X and Israel: for once, a conspiracy theory with a real conspiracy"  Note the meticulous obfuscation in the Mossad's house organ, The Telegraph, all based on the misleading timeline (key point in red):
"Many media are saying his arrest was possibly – probably – because he had informed or was about to inform the Australian authorities that Mossad used cloned Australian passports to enable its agents to move more freely around the world, and particularly the Middle East. This is largely because of a series of undisputed and no doubt connected facts. His name as a Mossad agent had immediately prior to his arrest been leaked to an Australian journalist, who had "fronted him up". He sounded surprised, and denied it utterly. Australian investigators had talked to him, querying his repeated applications for new Australian passports under different names – Ben Zygier, Ben Alon, Ben Allen, Benjamin Burrows.
The newspaper which fronted him up, the Sydney Morning Herald, reported that three dual nationals were being investigated over cloned passports and Mossad links. Then, around the time of his arrest, Mossad killed the Hamas gun-runner, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, in Dubai; the agents responsible, according to Dubai police, used a total of 27 Western passports, cloned to use the original bearers' names (all Israelis) but the agents' photographs, including four Australian passports.
The first the world knew of this mass use of fake passports was when Dubai showed pictures of some of them to a press conference on February 15, so it's easy to say Zygier was arrested "after the use of cloned Australian passports was revealed by Dubai police" and draw the obvious conclusion. The only question seems to be whether he informed Dubai police or the Australian intelligence services. But here is what is wrong with that. The statement beginning "after" is wrong. The use of three Australian passports was revealed nine days later, in a subsequent press conference on February 24, the very day the Australian authorities were informed of Zygier's arrest (the fourth was revealed later still). The first batch of 11 passports shown off by Dubai police numbered 11 and included British and Irish passports but not Australian.
Moreover, the use of cloned passports was not revealed by Dubai police: when they made their amazing announcement, they were clearly unaware that the passports weren't genuine. It was only when the owners were tracked down in Israel, within hours, that that became clear. So by the time it became known that Australian passports had been used, Zygier was already arrested. By that time, too, it was already public knowledge that Mossad had been cloning passports. So it's hard to see the argument that he informed Australian intelligence about the cloning of its nationals' passports in the hit, and he didn't tell Dubai, because they seemed not to know. Also, of course, the much more obvious question: since everyone knew even before this that Mossad cloned passports, why would he need to reveal it? And would revealing such a well-known fact to a friendly intelligence agency (as Australia was viewed at the time) be counted as a "grave crime"? And would it be necessary to keep him so incommunicado, so secret, for revealing something which everyone knew about (at least after February 24)?
What we also know – or at least has been suggested, the sourcing is not clear – is that among Zygier's roles was to use front companies and his fake passports to travel to Iran (and two of the planners for the Hamas hit left by boat for Iran too, on Australian passports). There, presumably, he contacted and helped "run" Israel's network of agents, including those believed to have helped kill nuclear scientists and to install the Stuxnet virus on its nuclear-operating computer systems.
Richard Silverstein, the US-based blogger, speculates – with, as he admits, no real knowledge – that Zygier was sort of turned by Australian intelligence, who made him feel bad not that he was using dodgy Australian passports and thereby bringing disrepute on the country of his birth but rather about the use to which the passports were being put: killing people. The trouble with that theory is that it just doesn't ring true: supposing Australian intelligence was practising such moral blackmail on dual nationals working for other intelligence agencies, which doesn't sound very likely, what secrets would they have gained from him? That Mossad cloned passports (see above)? That it killed people? Australian intelligence are not stupid, and are unlikely to have been shocked.
Here is what we know of what he was charged with: it was a "grave crime" (according to his lawyer), an offence that was likely to see him ostracised by his family and his community, Mossad said. Journalists let in on the secret in return for their silence say it fully merits the gagging order imposed. This must at the least mean being in possession of some major secret and tipping off, or working for Iran, but there is no evidence that this happened and again it just seems unlikely. Zygier made a conscious choice to emigrate to Israel, to settle, to work for Mossad (presumably), knowing full well what Mossad did (sometimes kill people).
It would be a particularly dramatic change of heart for him to betray his own agents to the Iranians. If he objected on moral grounds to what he was doing, why would he not just give up and return to Australia? I suspect the secret that Israel is trying to hide is far more sensitive than its passport cloning, or even its operations in Iran (which in Israel would be covered by censorship anyway, and outside Israel would come as no great surprise). The connection to the Mabhouh investigation takes me in a different direction, to Mossad's well-known (in some Gulf circles) cooperation with Gulf intelligence agencies, including state security in the United Arab Emirates, on areas of "mutual interest" (largely, Islamist-oriented terror). Many people were puzzled that Dubai police were able to so swiftly and efficiently identify what happened in the Mabhouh hit, including showing off the 27 cloned passports. Dubai's police are of variable quality (that isn't a euphemism – bits do their job very well, bits are terrible).
But Emirati state security is a different matter, all-encompassing, western-trained, and using the latest western technology. Many people better placed than I pointed to their potential involvement in the investigation. State security, a federal organisation, is run from the big brother emirate of Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi far more than Dubai hates Iran, hates Hamas, hates Dubai's reputation as a freewheeling place for money-launderers and gun-runners, and particularly after the financial crisis in which it had been forced to bail out its flashier neighbour wanted to put an end to it. Living there at the time, I always wondered whether state security might have known about the hit all along, even tipped it the wink. There are other possible Dubai/Mossad links: Israelis are not unknown in Dubai, for one thing because the emirate works closely with Tel Aviv and Antwerp on the diamond trade, of which the three cities are the main international hubs. And Dubai is also Iran's closest trading partner, a convenient base for shipping goods (and spies and bombs?) across the Gulf. There are a lot of secrets to be revealed there, and while we don't know what Zygier knew, it's quite possible he knew a lot of secrets Mossad thought worth keeping. I'm speculating, but no more than anyone else. Am I right? Well, let's see if I disappear any time soon, either in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Tel Aviv."
The Mossad's misleading timeline was used to prove that the issue couldn't be about the Dubai assassination, and an alternative Zionist theory was planted to presumably create doubts in Iran.  In fact, the real timeline supports the thesis that Zygier was the source of the information that the Australian passports were dodgy, something Dubai could not possibly have otherwise known as they were real and legitimate Australian passports.

Why is this so important that Bibi has to go out of his way to misdirect us?  It is not just the misuse of passports (though these revelations may put a crimp for now in their gathering and use).  It is the fact that the entire Jewish state is founded on a series of false-flag operations.  Ironically, the Dubai operation was not a false-flag, but from the Lavon affair up to the bombings in Thailand, India and Georgia, the bus bombing in Bulgaria, almost certainly the attack on the synagogue in Argentina, the Hariri assassination, and so, so many others, the Jews have constantly and consistently used the ruse of creating perceived illegitimacy in their rivals through blaming them for atrocities committed by the Jews themselves.  Passport fraud has always been an integral part of the deception.  The illegitimacy of the systematic use of false-flag attacks goes to the very root of the illegitimacy of the Jewish state.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The 'Friends of Hamas' and the Friends of Kahane

The concentration camp guard calls out the author of the 'Friends of Hamas' political dirty trick as a Kahanist.  I guess it takes one to know one.  Note also the mad scrambling to explain the conspiring behind the very dirty ultra-Zionist trick as some kind of joke involving the ridiculous credulousness of the American right.

The political landscape has shifted.  Obama has absolutely no political courage, and in different circumstances - e. g., Charles Freeman - would have thrown Hagel under the bus already.  With the backing of a new set of Jewish billionaires (with ever so slightly less blood pouring from their fangs than the old bunch), the truth about the dirty trick has become the issue, and Shapiro has been permanently damaged.

This is even funnier when you remember that Hamas itself was created by the Israelis as part of an operation against Arafat.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Sweeping Explanations and the Jews":
"On the one hand there are lots of people, intelligent people, who are curious, interested and fascinated. They want explanations. On the other hand there are lots of other people, intelligent people, who literally make it their business to provide explanations. Explanations which conspicously avoid mentioning the jews, except perhaps to present them as hapless victims."
The terror runs right through academia. Step out of line, and your career is ruined - no more grants, constant attacks on your job even if you have tenure, and the never-ending slurring. It is no wonder the elephant in the room remains unnoticed.

"Let the Jew out and maybe we'll think about ending our immoral embargo!" - "Senator Patrick Leahy leads US group to Cuba to seek release of Alan Gross"  Lobby, what lobby?  Big groups of senators are constantly traveling the world with the sole purpose of attempting to get individual Americans released from prisons (! - if this were true, it would be the only useful thing the US Senate is now capable of accomplishing!).  Perhaps they'd have more luck if they ended the embargo first!

"Letter from Fidel Castro to Hugo Chavez upon Chavez’s Departure from Cuba"

"News from Bulgaria":
"The Bulgarian government said they had well-grounded reasons to suspect that the three attackers were Lebanese with foreign passports and forged drivers licenses from Canada and Australia. Australia? As far as I know, thanks to the scandal of "Prisoner X", Israel is blamed to use Australian Jews for its false-flag operations."
No one can deny that the technique used in Bulgaria is documented pure Mossad false-flag tradecraft, right down to the details.

"Lies of Zionist propaganda"

"i love them all, damn them"  This interpretation effectively turns Zygier's death into a filicide intended to enforce violent group supremacist norms, so it is no wonder the disinformation is flying fast.

"Spies "monitoring" Palestine solidarity groups around world, says Israeli military correspondent"  I'd start looking by checking the list of worthies who signed the anti-Atzmon letter.

"Death in Singapore" "A "suicide," GaN semiconductors, a found hard drive, China, intrigue"

News from Canada:  "You have the right to Google for a lawyer: Geist"

Also:  "OPEN SECRET: Conservative cabinet minister John Baird outed"  "Baird concerned with Iran ties with Venezuela"  "Baird's Venezuela trip cancelled as Chavez back from Cuba"  He only wanted to visit if the government was unstable, which raises a lot of questions.

"Morley v. CIA: JFK at issue in federal court next week"  The never-ending stonewalling continues.

"Scientology for Rednecks: What the GOP Has Become"

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Israel’s image takes another hit with the ‘Prisoner X’ scandal":
"But what makes this international intrigue all the more fascinating is not what most of the commentary is obsessing over — the details of Zygier’s life and how he ended up in a high security prison — but the ways in which young Jews are groomed by an Israeli intelligence service to commit acts of terrorism and subterfuge across the world under the guise of protecting national security. It is done with the consent of Western governments and intelligence services, including Australia’s."
"The complicity of silence around Zygier’s actions within the Zionist establishment — witness the "see no evil, hear no evil" stonewalling by Philip Chester, President of the Zionist Council of Australia, on ABC Radio National Breakfast last Friday — is symptomatic of a mainstream Australian, Jewish community that encourages and facilitates young Jews to visit Israel and idealise its identity. Palestinians are largely absent in this worldview. The occupation is virtually non-existent. Iran, Hamas and Hizbollah are the new Nazis. Building a ghettoised, Zionist state, after centuries of Jews often living in isolation across the world, is an irony lost on far too many people.
What the Zionist lobby and its political and media courtiers don’t want to discuss is their complicity in this affair. They all believe that young Jews have the right to move, fight or spy for Israel, including during wars against Lebanon and Gaza, while Muslims who want to join their brethren in Syria, Lebanon or Palestine are labelled terrorists for doing the same thing."
"Rabbi Aviner: I was sent by Mossad to Iran"

"How Neocons Messed Up the Mideast"  Jewish violent group supremacism and Zionist colonialism are still invisible to most people, and even mentioning them makes you an automatic 'anti-Semite', but just think how much better the world would be in every way if people were hip to their tricks decades ago and stopped them in their tracks.

"Racism and the hypocrisy of Israel's advocates"  The use of the 'anti-Semite' slur is an excellent way to identify violent group supremacists.

""Friends of Hamas": The Scary-Sounding Pro-Hagel Group That Doesn't Actually Exist"  After getting over the ridiculousness of somebody like Hagel being a friend of Hamas, you have to get over the ridiculousness of Hagel leaving a paper trail linking himself to a group called 'Friends of Hamas', not to mention the ridiculousness of a group of friends of Hamas calling themselves the 'Friends of Hamas'. 

"Julian Assange and Tilted Scales of Justice"  ""We’re Losing Our Civic Courage.” Julian Assange"  It is not a bad measure of somebody to look at the quality of his or her critics.  The critics of Assange are scum of the earth, lower than whale shit, people whose very names cause an involuntary vomit reflex in all moral and decent people.

"Anti-Semite is among papal candidates"  Fresh from his first  loss (which, he tells us, was really all about him), Dersh picks my new favorite candidate.

"LGBT Center of NY Bars Author on Palestine Book from Speaking"  The world is in desperate need of the use of the term 'Jew-money' becoming common.

"The five stages of climate change acceptance"  After Sandy, Americans plan to fix the 'problem' by building big levees around New York City.

Canada news:  "Why the Right's 'defence lobby' wants another war"  The F-35, on all accounts, is a complete piece of shit.  Note how the military contractors pay off the 'journalists' and 'experts'.

"The Rich See a Different Internet Than the Poor"  You are directed in such a way that points of view you are not supposed to see are inaccessible.  At the same time, you are led to believe that you can see everything.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

"Zygier 'planned to expose deadly use of passports'"  It is likely that Zygier was going to act, not out of loyalty to Australia, but out of loyalty to Israel.  It is a perfectly rational position for an Zionist that the Mossad's illegal misuse of foreign passports does great danger to Israel, both in losing necessary friends and encouraging intelligence stunts that now always turn into disasters.

"Silence over Zygier echoes attitudes of Stalinism"  Hive of bees, flock of birds, school of fish, Jews.

"Bulgarian Revelations Explode Hezbollah Bombing “Hypothesis”"  There is a big fan, a bunch of shekels, and a Bulgarian official in a room.  The Jews turn on the fan and the Bulgarian official gets to keep as many shekels as he can grab in certain period of time.  Then he goes home and discusses Hezbollah.

"Bulgaria presses EU to toughen stance on Hezbollah" or "Bulgaria MoFA refutes claims Bulgaria insist on designating Hezbollah terrorists"

"The Antiwar Comic: The Capitol’s Imam"

"Raghead the Fiendly Neighborhood Terrorist: Red and Ted’s Coffee Break"

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

"CIA Finds Some Extra Pics of bin Laden’s Corpse Lying Around the Office"

"Sons of Zayid and the Mossad"  A possible problem with this is that it fits the Jewish meme that the Arabs are too stupid to do anything without the help of a Jew.

"Climate denial and zionist islamophobia go hand in hand"  Another of the odd distortions in right-wing politics created by Zionism.

"Revealed: UK anti-Semitism watchdog charity helps lead Israel anti-boycott group"

"Obama, the US and the Muslim world: the animosity deepens"

For all fans of Schadenfreude and irony, Zygier's father heads the Australian B'nai B'rith Anti Defamation Commission.  I wonder if any of them have a clue how these Mossad false-flag black-ops just might cause people to look at Jews differently.  I wonder if the actions of the son show he was smarter than the father.

"WikiLeaks is a rare truth-teller. Smearing Julian Assange is shameful."

100% proof that the phony US budget problems will be resolved:  "Budget cuts may force reduction in Israel aid
Kerry Warns of Serious Sequestration Cuts for State and USAID"

Friday, February 15, 2013


Some of us are going to miss Israel after it is gone just for the loss of all the conspiracies.

Why would a rational person after a long period of imprisonment kill himself just before going to trial or obtaining a successful plea bargain?

The Zygier story has already turned into a cover-up, with alternative theories arising to hide the truths that World Jewry does not want to get out:
  1. there exists a world-wide army of Jews - the sayanim - who regularly and routinely commit treason against their own countries in order to assist the Jewish supremacist collective;
  2. this 'dual loyalty' means that no governments or private corporations can trust any of their Jewish employees; and
  3. there is a particular treason in fraudulently obtaining passports from 'clean' countries for the Mossad to use in black-ops.
Nervous quiet in Australia:
"Amid mounting speculation over the bizarre circumstances surrounding Ben Zygier’s apparent suicide in 2010 inside the suicide-proof cell purpose-built for Yigal Amir, the management committee of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry decided this week to decline to comment publicly on the case.
One senior Jewish leader, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Haaretz: “It’s the dual loyalty issue, that’s the last thing we want to come up. That’s what we are very concerned about."
He added: "If the media start asking why are Jews going to other countries and fighting for them or joining their spy agencies – that’s why we want to keep at arms' length.""
It would be much worse for World Jewry if Zygier wasn't Mossad, and wasn't involved in wild spy capers, but was just a civilian who had done bad things for the Jewish supremacist collective and was going to reveal the details.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Left behind

"News On Prisoner X" - and the discussion.  'annie' thinks he looks like the Dubai assassin known as 'Kevin Daveron'.

"Prisoner X: A false-flag agent?" Well argued.  The Iranian capture of Abdolmajid Rigi seems relevant.

"Why Israel will continue trying to keep 'Prisoner X' a secret"

"A double agent with one way out?"  Double agent for the Australians? - seems unlikely, but:  "Zygier 'planned to expose deadly use of passports'"  That, or the suspicion of that, would certainly get you locked up by the Israelis.

"Zygier was negotiating plea bargain before he died in jail, says his Israeli lawyer"  Did they murder him before he could escape punishment?

The two main lines of thinking are some sort of feared disclosure of the Mossad misuse of passports from other countries, or the need for a scapegoat for the collapse of the Jundallah attack plans in Iran.

The entire attempt at a cover-up was so bungled that we have to leave open the possibility that the Israelis wanted this information released.

Whatever happened, this can't be good for the morale of existing Israeli agents, or good for ongoing Israeli recruitment efforts.  I thought the deal was the Jews never left anyone behind.  Ben Zygier was certainly left behind.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heavier lies the Crown

I've been looking over that odd book on the JFK assassination, "Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal". Look at all the Jewish names!  A lot of the speculation in this area focuses on the Lionel Corporation, but note the reference in chapter 2:
"The gambling syndicate and Mafia contracting agents who handled the transactions with Permindex were ex-President Carlos Prio Socarras of Havana, Miami and Houston, Clifford Jones of Las Vegas, Morris Dalitz of Las Vegas, Detroit, Cleveland and Havana, former head of the Cleveland mob and close friend of Hunt, Hoover and Roy Cohn, L.J. McWillie of Las Vegas, a gambling partner with Cliff Jones, Bobby Baker of Washington, D.C., Ed Levinson of Las Vegas, Benny Seigelbaum of Miami, Henry Crown of Chicago, associate of the Mafia, Patrick Hoy of the controlling clique in General Dynamics and Joe Bonanno of Lionel Corporation of New York."
This may of course be speculation and nonsense, but it is awfully specific speculation and nonsense.

Two theories about the planners of September 11 are that Israel did it - ridiculous, though Israel was obviously watching - or that it was a cabal led by Cheney - highly improbable. You would need a very high-level America-based group, with access to the top level of official gatekeepers and cover-up artists - NORAD, FBI, Pentagon, CIA, FAA - but a group far enough away from the actual government to prevent the danger of detection.  The Military-Industrial Complex and Israel were the two obvious beneficiaries of September 11, so perhaps the place where they cross is the place to look.

General Dynamics is a pioneer of sophisticated electronic control of aircraft, and could certainly rig up something to crash into the Pentagon (an F-16 is one of the possibilities).  Remote-controlled drone warfare was on the horizon at the time, and September 11, including a crash right into the Pentagon, might have been a demonstration of the possibilities of military sales of the future, as well as the way to create a market for such sales with the GWOT enabled by September 11.

There is not a shred of evidence for any of this (and nobody is looking in the right place).  I'm speculating on a suspect based on:
  1. technological capacity;
  2. motive (both Israel and military sales);
  3. networking to the highest levels of the US government while being slightly outside the government;
  4. the traditional insider/outsider role of the Jews in societies, as well as the extremely proactive role taken by the Jewish billionaires in running the United States; and
  5. the model of the JFK assassination.
Read this piece on Frank Lowy, noting the Lester Crown and WTC connections.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Heavy lies the Crown

I don't think Barry's a psychopath - although it is hard to tell from how he acts - and I don't think he's stupid, so why is he the Drone King?  The American 'Progressives For Carpet Bombing' and 'Progressives For Utterly Illegal Targeted Assassinations' tell us he is the most progressive president ever, and probably the most progressive man who ever lived.  Of course, in an Amerika where the opposition to the BDS discussion at Brooklyn College was led by something called the 'Progressive Caucus', the word 'progressive' as used by Americans falls under the meme: "You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means".

It should be a tough time for the American Military Industrial Complex as the United States has no natural enemies.  If it wasn't for the Jews and their Wars For the Jews, the world would be a very target-poor environment.  Fortunately, the GWOT - the violent Islamophobia which serves as a cover for Israel's program of building Greater Israel through murder and land theft, invented in Israeli think tanks for that very purpose to replace the Cold War - creates a target-rich environment consisting of everybody in the countries the Jews have chosen as American enemies, and creates a massive amount of business.  Not only do the drones create additional business by requiring immediate replacement, but their use creates such justified hatred of Americans that it creates entirely new generations of 'terrorists', aka drone targets (note how the issue has been turned by the media into the question of whether and how Americans should be targeted, leaving the rest of the enemies of the Jews as fair game).

So I ask again, why is Barry the Drone King?  Could it be as simple as the fact that the Crown family, without whose support he would not be President, makes a hell of a lot of money off the drone program?  General Dynamics doesn't make the drones, but it makes drone warheads, drone training programs, and drone command and control systems, and plans to make the next generation of drones.

Speaking of Chicago Jewish billionaire political corruption, Penny Pritzker for Commerce Secretary makes exactly as much sense as Charlie Manson for Attorney General.  Sometimes the simplest and most obvious explanations are the best.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

What you can't read

"The Washington Post, New York Times and a Bunch of Other News Organizations Helped Keep a CIA Drone Base Secret"  "at the administration's request"

"Financial Times reporter apologizes for hinting Israel bribed Bulgaria"

A trick to have some stuff you are embarrassed about removed from the internet, although it backfired in this case:  "DMCA As Censorship: Site Reposts Articles About Disgraced Researcher, Claims Copyright, Has Originals Removed"

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Another magic passport

I guess Bibi's bribe check finally cleared (although, as usual, the headline and first few paragraphs don't reflect the much more cautious tone of the article):  "Bulgaria Implicates Hezbollah in July Attack on Israelis"

But:  "Bulgaria appeases US, Israel on bus probe":
"The distinct possibility of an Israeli 'false flag' operation can be garnered by a careful and methodical examination of the public information, including the photographs, amateur videos and instant reports on the bus attack that occurred at exactly 5:30 pm last July 18, on the anniversary of the 1994 bombing in Argentina that Israel insists was the work of Iran and Hezbollah. That was perfect timing for Israel's propaganda machine.

As stated in this author's investigative article written immediately after the bus attack, there are at least 10 valid reasons to question the official story that a busload of Israeli tourists was the target of a terrorist bombing. [1] Lest we forget, the autopsy results in Sofia have shown that the dead terrorist was "white and had light eyes" and initially was identified as a member of al-Qaeda, much to the chagrin of Israelis who have shown zero interest in any suspect other than Hezbollah-Iran. [2]

To reiterate the gist of this author's own probe of this matter, a good deal of evidence exists that suggest the targeted bus was empty and the only passengers hurt were inside the adjacent bus and received light injuries.

This author has carefully examined dozens upon dozens of photographs of the Israeli tourists in question, who no doubt would have received much worse facial and other bodily injuries if they were inside the targeted bus. After all, the severed head of the bomber had been discovered some 60 meters away from the bus and an instant video shows the bus in full flames, ie, impossible for the majority of 42 purported passengers, especially the elderly females seen on stretchers en route to the hospital in various photos, to escape with little or no bodily harm, thus warranting the following 10 questions:

1. Why the amateur video of the bus taken within seconds of the explosion doesn't show anyone jumping down the bus?
2. Why so many passengers survived with only light hand and foot injuries in an explosion involving (according to the Bulgarian officials) three kilograms of TNT in front of the bus?
3. Why did the Israeli group known as Zakar appear immediately on the site and collected the bodies of the dead, per several images, when this should have been done by Bulgarians? Why was this group at the airport at that time? And where were the Bulgarian security officials during the whole time monopolized by the Zakar individuals (in yellow uniforms)? Indeed, the fact that the Bulgarians allowed the Zakar all over the crime scene and move the dead victims (who were then frisked quickly to Israel) speaks volumes about the travesty of police investigation in Bulgaria.
4. Why did the bomb kill the Israelis sitting in the back of the bus (per reports in the Israeli media) while simultaneously killing the bus driver in the front and leaving the vast majority of bus passengers only lightly harmed?
5. Why have some bus witnesses told the media that they tried to get out through the front door but found it locked and managed to get out through a "hole on the side" when both the videos and reports indicate an instant fire following the explosion engulfing the bus?
6. Why is there no report of any injuries to the bus driver in the next bus, which sustained major damage especially on the driver's side? Could the bus driver killed be the one in the second bus?
7. Why was there no extra security precaution even though according to the Israeli media prior to the landing of Israeli passengers the tour company had received a call that they would be "greeted with two bombs"?
8. Why was the trunk of the targeted bus empty and no sign of any luggage (per numerous images that also show the inside of the bus and the absence of any section for luggage contrary to the claim of one of the Israeli passengers who is quoted widely)?
9. Why did the passport and license of purported terrorist remain intact despite the raging fire in the bus?
10. Why did Israel rush all the passengers back to Israel early next morning instead of allowing the Bulgarian investigators to interview them? After all, Israel made no similar attempt to protect the lives of thousands of other Israeli tourists vacationing in Burgas, bottom line since it had no real worries about any terrorist attack against them after having pulled off its spectacular 'false flag' that must surely be a source of current pride among its Mossad intelligence officials.

Mossad agents must be patting themselves on the shoulder now for a job well-done, but then again their script perhaps was too neatly executed, given Netanyahu's instant finger toward Hezbollah and Iran, or the widespread use of a replica bus on full flame, which on closer examination shows to be different from the actual targeted bus. "
The Canadian government has always shown more interest in enabling the Israelis to conduct intelligence operations using forged Canadian passports than it is in protecting the safety of its own citizens, and the vagueness and lateness of the Canadian government in identifying the alleged terrorist may be significant.  The intact magic passport - planted after the fire by the Israeli security officials - no doubt points to an identity stolen by the Mossad.

"Bulgarian bomb report in hand, EU must now cripple Hezbollah"  Hezbollah gained absolutely nothing from this incident, and it would obviously lead to this kind of attack against it.  Hezbollah is the last group of likely culprits, with the first group being anybody who might want to frame Hezbollah and restrict its activities in Europe.

More Crown links

"Investing in Weapons, War, and Obama":
"One family stands out as playing exactly that role in the political career of Barack Obama: the Crown family of Chicago. The importance of this relationship in Obama’s career exposes some of the roots of his subservience to the government of Israel, his threats of aggression against Iran, his expansion of the JSOC/CIA targeted killing program, and his unswerving commitment to record military budgets in a time of economic and fiscal crisis.

The Crowns are the children and grandchildren of Henry Crown, who made a fortune in the building materials business, had reputed links to the Chicago Mafia, and discovered the armaments business as a military procurement officer during the Second World War. Henry Crown bought a controlling interest in General Dynamics in 1959 and developed it into the largest weapons maker in the world, building the Trident submarine, the Atlas rocket, the F-16 fighter, the Abrams tank and much of America’s Cold War arsenal. The General Dynamics board forced him out as CEO in 1966, but he bought back a 20 percent share in the company and regained effective control in 1970.

Henry’s son Lester succeeded him as chair of General Dynamics in 1986 and as president of Henry Crown & Co, the family’s private investment firm. Lester is 86 now, but still takes a keen interest in politics. He is chair of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and founded the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University, which also received a $2.5 million grant directly from General Dynamics. He supports the arts in the U.S. and Israel—the Jewish Symphony Orchestra plays in Henry Crown Hall in Jerusalem. The Crown family is worth at least $4 billion, making it one of the richest families in America.

Under Lester Crown’s watchful eye, his children now handle most of the family’s business and political interests. His son James became President of Henry Crown & Co. in 2003 and sits on the board of General Dynamics. Altogether the Crown family gave at least $128,000 to Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign, in which Henry Crown & Co. was also Obama’s third largest institutional donor. In 2008, James Crown and his wife Paula were Obama’s fundraising chairs in Illinois and his fourth largest “bundlers” nationwide, raising millions of dollars for his presidential campaign.

Lester Crown first met Obama when he was a 27-year-old intern at the Sidley Austin law firm in Chicago in the summer of 1989. One of Obama’s law professors at Harvard, Martha Minow, had recommended Obama to her father, Newton Minow, who was a partner at the firm. Minow took Obama under his wing and introduced him to his friend Lester Crown. Crown recalls that Minow called him and “said we have in our office a young man who I think is really going places and I’d like you to meet him.” Crown says he has been a supporter ever since.

Lester Crown was speaking to the Chicago Jewish News in 2008 to allay fears among American Zionists regarding Obama’s views on Israel and Palestine. He stressed that, “knowing him long before he got into politics, I know he is completely supportive, without any question or equivocation, of Israel’s security. He is only interested (in a two-state solution) if Israel’s security is absolutely assured, and that was his position long before he ever went into politics.

His speeches to AIPAC are not new positions, merely the vocalization of what he has always believed.... From the time I met him, the times we talked about Israel, and we talked about it several times, he has been an ardent backer of Israel’s defense position, Israel’s security position. He has been a proponent of the two-state solution, but only on the hopes that you will have a demilitarized peaceful Palestinian entity, which you do not have now.”

If Crown is correct, President Obama only supports a Palestinian state as a “demilitarized...entity,” even as he pours U.S. military aid into Israel. In a world where every other state has a recognized right to arm and defend itself, a “demilitarized entity” would only be a sort of semi-state. In effect, what Crown and Obama favor is a “one-and-half-state solution,” precluding the genuine sovereignty for Palestine that the U.S. government officially supports and that Palestinians are struggling for. If Obama’s views are as close to Lester Crown’s as Crown thinks they are, it is little wonder that he has made no progress toward resolving the conflict."
"Israel, Big Money and Obama"

"Mr. Obama's neighborhood"

"Did billionaire Lester Crown get to Obama on Israel?"   "Did top Obama donor carry Israeli message to W.H.?"

A nudge (note how it is all about Israel):  "Chicago's Susan Crown, Influential Obama '08 Supporter, Campaigns for Romney '12"

No worries, Dad's still onside:  "The Obama gut test"

Early Crown (and Pritzker) support made Barry's political career.  The Crown family views on the nature of the Palestinian 'state' - more like a concentration camp than a state - have continued to make it impossible for Obama to play any positive role in the Middle East.  He has, however, been able to resist their call for a genocidal war on Iran that would wreck both countries.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


The first rule of the Jewish Billionaire's Club is that you don't talk about the Jewish Billionaire's Club, and especially their tentacle stranglehold over all of American politics as conclusively demonstrated by the Hagel confirmation hearing, and especially especially their particular hold over Barry.  The Jew-controlled media enforces this rule without fail, which allows the usual suspects to slur anybody as an 'anti-Semite' who dares mention this most important fact of American politics, so important in fact that American politics is completely baffling without knowing it.

You just have to know where to look:  "The Overlooked Irony of JFK Defense Secretary Robert S McNamara's 2004 marriage to Diana Masieri Byfield."  Note the daunting - well, staggering - web of connections.  Note in particular how the rich Jews bridge the gap between organized crime and the American establishment.  Henry Crown would have been ruined and disgraced had JFK not been assassinated.  The author writes (scroll down the thread):
". . . I attribute my ability to find whatever it is I've described above that turns out to expand our knowledge base of "coincidences", to two events...the Crown family's emergence from the "shadows" to play "king maker" in the case of Obama, and to connecting the name "Byfield" with McNamara's unusual late in life marriage.

There are a number of observations in google books search resulsts that show, merely because the JFK family leased Glen Ora "sight unseen", instead of giving Camp David a try, the government could not reimburse the Kennedys the expense outlays duplicating the security infrastructure existing at Camp David, at Glen Ora, as well. I found that JFK ran his "shut down" of the Bay of Pigs, from Glen Ora in real time, although the place was described as lacking security to the point where anyone could drive up and "shoot JFK on the front lawn", that the "bomb shelter" was a "hand dug" replica of what existed in the back yards of suburban homes.... JFK weekended there from December, 1960 until March, 1963. Even if a background check of Glen Ora owner Gladys Byfield Tartiere was done well, and it was found that her late husband had close ties to the Chicago Syndicate and to Patrick Hoy, what would it matter, with J. Edgar in charge of the FBI, an existing alliance of the Chicago mob and the CIA to ger Castro, JFK "in bed" with Judith Exner and close to Frank Sinatra, and LBJ himself, and or via Bobby Baker, "in bed" with Patrick Hoy's General Dynamics.

What sense could it make for the rare, in the early 60's, defense contractor billionaire, to hire a hotel group and "Pump Room" executive and elevate him to a high position in an industrial conglomerate with the "juice" to get the largest single defense appropriation in history, of it wasn't for Hoy's intimate contacts with "the mob", from levels as low as Jack Ruby to as high as Sidney Korshak? Access to influence and muscle that Henry Crown could only engage in with fellow shadowy real estate moguls like Del Webb, Baron Hilton, and Arnold S. Kirkeby.

If "DISC" described by Torbitt did exist, it was in the business of giving security clearances to defense industry executives like Pat Hoy and Henry Crown...and, if it didn't exist....who approved their clearances?"

Byfield is generating some recent interest (it remains amazing that there is more current good research on the assassination of JFK than there is on the events of September 11):
"Byfield lived in France in the decade before WWII, his mother
had divorced Byfield, Sr. and married Raymond Tartiere.
Fluent in the French language with a native's familiarity
with Paris, Byfield was an excellent choice for an undercover
mission into occupied Paris.

Byfield experienced the heightened risk, if he had been
captured by the Germans, of not only being an OSS, S1 US Army
Captain taken prisoner out of uniform, but also an American

His stepbrother, Jacques Tartiere had been killed fighting
with Free French forces in the middle east, after serving
with British forces in Norway. Jacque's wife, the American
actress, Drew Tartiere was working
undercover in France until VE Day, aiding the escape from
France of downed Allied airforce crew members.

Philip, can you share the details leading up to your
interview of Byfield? Were you previously acquainted with him
or his family?

Considering your familiarity with Byfield, were you surprised
the details I have posted about him? Can you post any
knowledge you have that conflicts with or supports anything I
have come up with?

In your interview with him, did he speak of his first wife,
Valentina Osterman? It was a surprise to find that her sister
Nina was married to the first cousin and business partner of
Rionda Braga, and that Braga's son married the daughter of
DeMohrenschildt step-nephew and business partner, Edward G
Hooker. Also, you probably are aware that Byfield's widow
married Robert S. McNamara.

The Glen Ora connection, singularly, would tend to make
Byfield a person of interest to JFK researchers. Considering
what I have found and shared about this deeply connected man
(TFX, Henry Crown, Macomber-Bush, etc.) coupled with the fact
that he was a spy, and a covert operations trainer and because
of his family background, I suspect the lack of interest in
him is due to his invisibility to JFK researchers until late
2008. After 45 years, it is the rare individual, long
involved in solving the murders of JFK and Oswald, who would
consider Byfield as anything other than a tangent, if he is
even given that much consideration.

Anyone who started from the point I did....looking into who
this billionaire sponsor of Obama-2008, Lester Crown is,
would have come upon Ernest L. Byfield, Jr. Even his widow's
marriage to McNamara ingited no curiousity in the
journo-steno history distortion industry."
Oh hell, why not this as well (and scroll down for the mysterious death of Schine)?:
"In 1950, Lester Crown became the brother-in-law of G. David Schine, the man that Roy Cohn investigated the US Army because of. Events that followed nearly triggered a fist fight in a senate hearing room between Cohn and RFK. A short time later, Shine was manager of his family owned Ambassador hotel in Los Angeles. He was later promoted by his father J. Meyer Schine to CEO of the family real estate holding company, but was pushed aside by his father's re-emergence from retirement in 1967, a year before RFK was shot in a kitchen of the Schine family's Ambassador Hotel kitchen.

Roy Cohn had pressed the US Army so aggressively in 1954 for speical consideration for draftee David Schine, that the Secretary of the Army personally called the young man. There was speculation Roy Cohn was in a love relationship with Schine, but David soon married dazzling and athletic 1955 Miss Universe Pageant winner, from Sweden."
"Pragmatic Politics, Forged on the South Side"

Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

A little old, but critical to understanding the Wars For The Jews:  "The Crown family: investing in weapons, war ...and Obama":
"One family stands out as playing exactly that role in the political career of Barack Obama: the Crown family of Chicago. The importance of this relationship in Obama’s career exposes some of the roots of his subservience to the government of Israel, his threats of aggression against Iran, his expansion of the JSOC/CIA targeted killing program, and his unswerving commitment to record military budgets in a time of economic and fiscal crisis.
The Crowns are the children and grandchildren of Henry Crown, who made a fortune in the building materials business, had reputed links to the Chicago Mafia, and discovered the armaments business as a military procurement officer during the Second World War. Henry Crown bought a controlling interest in General Dynamics in 1959 and developed it into the largest weapons maker in the world, building the Trident submarine, the Atlas rocket, the F-16 fighter, the Abrams tank and much of America’s Cold War arsenal. The General Dynamics board forced him out as CEO in 1966, but he bought back a 20 percent share in the company and regained effective control in 1970.
Henry’s son Lester succeeded him as chair of General Dynamics in 1986 and as president of Henry Crown & Co, the family’s private investment firm. Lester is 86 now, but still takes a keen interest in politics. He is chair of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and founded the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University, which also received a $2.5 million grant directly from General Dynamics. He supports the arts in the U.S. and Israel—the Jewish Symphony Orchestra plays in Henry Crown Hall in Jerusalem. The Crown family is worth at least $4 billion, making it one of the richest families in America."
"Lester Crown was speaking to the Chicago Jewish News in 2008 to allay fears among American Zionists regarding Obama’s views on Israel and Palestine. He stressed that, “knowing him long before he got into politics, I know he is completely supportive, without any question or equivocation, of Israel’s security. He is only interested (in a two-state solution) if Israel’s security is absolutely assured, and that was his position long before he ever went into politics. His speeches to AIPAC are not new positions, merely the vocalization of what he has always believed.... From the time I met him, the times we talked about Israel, and we talked about it several times, he has been an ardent backer of Israel’s defense position, Israel’s security position. He has been a proponent of the two-state solution, but only on the hopes that you will have a demilitarized peaceful Palestinian entity, which you do not have now.”"
Note the eye-rolling fit: "Is Rand Paul Right About Benghazi?"

"This Week in ‘Million-Dollar’ Biblical Archaeology Lawsuits: A Breakdown"

"Could the infamous Black Dahlia case be about to be solved? Cadaver dog discovers death scent at Hollywood home of suspect 66 years after the horrific murder"  The three videos I refer to - highly recommended! -  are much, much better (Larry Harnisch site). Hodel also claims his father was the Zodiac!

Annals of diplomacy:  "Canadian Prime Minister Locks Himself In Brazilian Bathroom Until He Gets His Way"


"But other stories, unknown until now, involved her brother-in-law, Larry Pennington. She shares a 2003 email from him in which he said his grandparents claimed to have been in a laundromat on 7th Street behind the Texas Theater and saw Lee Harvey Oswald get out of a car and make a pay phone call. His grandmother called the police when she saw Oswald on TV, but was told it couldn't have been him. One of the arresting officers attended the church Larry was attending (in 2003). His cousin held suicide watch over Jack Ruby during the last month of Ruby's life. And the morning after the assassination, Larry's mother was on a bus and saw "the city had lights out and several cement trucks busily filling all the drainage holes along the street curb at the assassination site.""

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Atzmon and his critics

"The Case of Gilad Atzmon"  Extremely close reading of Atzmon, prompted by his 'Uncle Tom' Palestinian critics, finding nothing but nit-picky problems with Atzmon, and that his critics are extraordinarily sloppy (I would say suspiciously sloppy).  I hope the critics enjoy the fancy hotels and conferences that the Jews invite them to.  I can't help but note again that friends should stick together, even if they don't agree 100% on everything.

As always, it is all about power.  The Palestinians fragment as they have no power.  The Jews have all the power, and use it to control the very terms of the discourse, leaving honest critics beyond the pale, which is exactly how you would expect people with all the power to behave.  In a sane world, we would be discussing the power and its misuse, and not coming up with nasty names to describe those few who attempt to write about the power.  It really doesn't matter what magic glue holds the powerful together - though I'm sure Atzmon has it exactly right, down to the nuances - except that an honest discussion of it is starting to cause a slight fraying around the edges of power, and even the slightest signs of weakness make the powerful very nervous (which is why Atzmon causes an unnaturally strong reaction in those Jews of bad faith who pretend to be anti-Zionist).  It is strange (and wonderful) that the powerful always take the steps that lead to their own destruction.

Friday, February 01, 2013


"I want to thank the Emergency Committee for Israel, Sheldon Adelson, and the Senate Armed Service Committee for providing such a compelling vindication of our views.  As Rosie Gray amd Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed noted, at yesterday's hearing on Chuck Hagel Israel was mentioned 166 times, and Iran (a problem closely linked to Israel) 144 times. Afghanistan was mentioned only 20 times, and the problem of suicides of U.S. troops only twice. Glad to see that those Senators have their priorities straight. No wonder Mark Twain referred to Congress as "the smallest minds and the selfishest souls and the cowardliest hearts that God makes.""

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hagel prodded the senators to engage in an orgy of pro-Likudnik questions, while completely ignoring the interests of the country they were elected to represent.  It was so appalling that it was impossible to miss.  Hagel is not nearly so dumb as he appeared.

Another completely illegal attack by the Israelis.  If I could assume the Jews were even slightly competent, which I cannot, I would understand the Israeli intent as backing up Assad, as his regime is the only possible beneficiary of such an attack.

How do you force a US senator to do your bidding?:  "FBI wraps up raid at West Palm Beach office of doctor tied to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez":
"Stringing up crime scene tape and using a locksmith, the FBI on Tuesday and Wednesday raided the West Palm Beach business of an eye doctor suspected of providing free trips and even underage Dominican Republic prostitutes to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez — who has denied what he calls the “fallacious allegations.”"
Menendez is the new chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Gérard de Villiers

"The Spy Novelist Who Knows Too Much":
"In 1980, he wrote a novel in which militant Islamists murder the Egyptian president, Anwar Sadat, a year before the actual assassination took place. When I asked him about it, de Villiers responded with a Gallic shrug. “The Israelis knew it was going to happen,” he said, “and did nothing.”"
and (he also serves to spread specific kinds of propaganda, which is probably what the NYT is up to):
"When I asked whether it bothered him that no one took his books seriously, he did not seem at all defensive. “I don’t consider myself a literary man,” he said. “I’m a storyteller. I write fairy tales for adults. And I try to put some substance into it.”
I had no idea what kind of “substance” until a friend urged me to look at “La Liste Hariri,” one of de Villiers’s many books set in and around Lebanon. The book, published in early 2010, concerns the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, the former Lebanese prime minister. I spent years looking into and writing about Hariri’s death, and I was curious to know what de Villiers made of it. I found the descriptions of Beirut and Damascus to be impressively accurate, as were the names of restaurants, the atmosphere of the neighborhoods and the descriptions of some of the security chiefs that I knew from my tenure as The Times’ Beirut bureau chief. But the real surprise came later. “La Liste Hariri” provides detailed information about the elaborate plot, ordered by Syria and carried out by Hezbollah, to kill Hariri. This plot is one of the great mysteries of the Middle East, and I found specific information that no journalists, to my knowledge, knew at the time of the book’s publication, including a complete list of the members of the assassination team and a description of the systematic elimination of potential witnesses by Hezbollah and its Syrian allies. I was even more impressed when I spoke to a former member of the U.N.-backed international tribunal, based in the Netherlands, that investigated Hariri’s death. “When ‘La Liste Hariri’ came out, everyone on the commission was amazed,” the former staff member said. “They were all literally wondering who on the team could have sold de Villiers this information — because it was very clear that someone had showed him the commission’s reports or the original Lebanese intelligence reports.”
When I put the question to de Villiers, a smile of discreet triumph flashed on his face. It turns out that he has been friends for years with one of Lebanon’s top intelligence officers, an austere-looking man who probably knows more about Lebanon’s unsolved murders than anyone else. It was he who handed de Villiers the list of Hariri’s killers. “He worked hard to get it, and he wanted people to know,” de Villiers said. “But he couldn’t trust journalists.” I was one of those he didn’t trust. I have interviewed the same intelligence chief multiple times on the subject of the Hariri killing, but he never told me about the list. De Villiers had also spoken with high-ranking Hezbollah officials, in meetings that he said were brokered by French intelligence. One assumes these men had not read his fiction."
"I asked de Villiers about his next novel, and his eyes lighted up. “It goes back to an old story,” he said. “Lockerbie.” The book is based on the premise that it was Iran — not Libya — that carried out the notorious 1988 airliner bombing. The Iranians went to great lengths to persuade Muammar el-Qaddafi to take the fall for the attack, which was carried out in revenge for the downing of an Iranian passenger plane by American missiles six months earlier, de Villiers said. This has long been an unverified conspiracy theory, but when I returned to the United States, I learned that de Villiers was onto something. I spoke to a former C.I.A. operative who told me that “the best intelligence” on the Lockerbie bombing points to an Iranian role. It is a subject of intense controversy at the C.I.A. and the F.B.I., he said, in part because the evidence against Iran is classified and cannot be used in court, but many at the agency believe Iran directed the bombing. "