Sunday, February 03, 2013

Atzmon and his critics

"The Case of Gilad Atzmon"  Extremely close reading of Atzmon, prompted by his 'Uncle Tom' Palestinian critics, finding nothing but nit-picky problems with Atzmon, and that his critics are extraordinarily sloppy (I would say suspiciously sloppy).  I hope the critics enjoy the fancy hotels and conferences that the Jews invite them to.  I can't help but note again that friends should stick together, even if they don't agree 100% on everything.

As always, it is all about power.  The Palestinians fragment as they have no power.  The Jews have all the power, and use it to control the very terms of the discourse, leaving honest critics beyond the pale, which is exactly how you would expect people with all the power to behave.  In a sane world, we would be discussing the power and its misuse, and not coming up with nasty names to describe those few who attempt to write about the power.  It really doesn't matter what magic glue holds the powerful together - though I'm sure Atzmon has it exactly right, down to the nuances - except that an honest discussion of it is starting to cause a slight fraying around the edges of power, and even the slightest signs of weakness make the powerful very nervous (which is why Atzmon causes an unnaturally strong reaction in those Jews of bad faith who pretend to be anti-Zionist).  It is strange (and wonderful) that the powerful always take the steps that lead to their own destruction.
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