Monday, February 11, 2013

Heavy lies the Crown

I don't think Barry's a psychopath - although it is hard to tell from how he acts - and I don't think he's stupid, so why is he the Drone King?  The American 'Progressives For Carpet Bombing' and 'Progressives For Utterly Illegal Targeted Assassinations' tell us he is the most progressive president ever, and probably the most progressive man who ever lived.  Of course, in an Amerika where the opposition to the BDS discussion at Brooklyn College was led by something called the 'Progressive Caucus', the word 'progressive' as used by Americans falls under the meme: "You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means".

It should be a tough time for the American Military Industrial Complex as the United States has no natural enemies.  If it wasn't for the Jews and their Wars For the Jews, the world would be a very target-poor environment.  Fortunately, the GWOT - the violent Islamophobia which serves as a cover for Israel's program of building Greater Israel through murder and land theft, invented in Israeli think tanks for that very purpose to replace the Cold War - creates a target-rich environment consisting of everybody in the countries the Jews have chosen as American enemies, and creates a massive amount of business.  Not only do the drones create additional business by requiring immediate replacement, but their use creates such justified hatred of Americans that it creates entirely new generations of 'terrorists', aka drone targets (note how the issue has been turned by the media into the question of whether and how Americans should be targeted, leaving the rest of the enemies of the Jews as fair game).

So I ask again, why is Barry the Drone King?  Could it be as simple as the fact that the Crown family, without whose support he would not be President, makes a hell of a lot of money off the drone program?  General Dynamics doesn't make the drones, but it makes drone warheads, drone training programs, and drone command and control systems, and plans to make the next generation of drones.

Speaking of Chicago Jewish billionaire political corruption, Penny Pritzker for Commerce Secretary makes exactly as much sense as Charlie Manson for Attorney General.  Sometimes the simplest and most obvious explanations are the best.
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