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The first rule of the Jewish Billionaire's Club is that you don't talk about the Jewish Billionaire's Club, and especially their tentacle stranglehold over all of American politics as conclusively demonstrated by the Hagel confirmation hearing, and especially especially their particular hold over Barry.  The Jew-controlled media enforces this rule without fail, which allows the usual suspects to slur anybody as an 'anti-Semite' who dares mention this most important fact of American politics, so important in fact that American politics is completely baffling without knowing it.

You just have to know where to look:  "The Overlooked Irony of JFK Defense Secretary Robert S McNamara's 2004 marriage to Diana Masieri Byfield."  Note the daunting - well, staggering - web of connections.  Note in particular how the rich Jews bridge the gap between organized crime and the American establishment.  Henry Crown would have been ruined and disgraced had JFK not been assassinated.  The author writes (scroll down the thread):
". . . I attribute my ability to find whatever it is I've described above that turns out to expand our knowledge base of "coincidences", to two events...the Crown family's emergence from the "shadows" to play "king maker" in the case of Obama, and to connecting the name "Byfield" with McNamara's unusual late in life marriage.

There are a number of observations in google books search resulsts that show, merely because the JFK family leased Glen Ora "sight unseen", instead of giving Camp David a try, the government could not reimburse the Kennedys the expense outlays duplicating the security infrastructure existing at Camp David, at Glen Ora, as well. I found that JFK ran his "shut down" of the Bay of Pigs, from Glen Ora in real time, although the place was described as lacking security to the point where anyone could drive up and "shoot JFK on the front lawn", that the "bomb shelter" was a "hand dug" replica of what existed in the back yards of suburban homes.... JFK weekended there from December, 1960 until March, 1963. Even if a background check of Glen Ora owner Gladys Byfield Tartiere was done well, and it was found that her late husband had close ties to the Chicago Syndicate and to Patrick Hoy, what would it matter, with J. Edgar in charge of the FBI, an existing alliance of the Chicago mob and the CIA to ger Castro, JFK "in bed" with Judith Exner and close to Frank Sinatra, and LBJ himself, and or via Bobby Baker, "in bed" with Patrick Hoy's General Dynamics.

What sense could it make for the rare, in the early 60's, defense contractor billionaire, to hire a hotel group and "Pump Room" executive and elevate him to a high position in an industrial conglomerate with the "juice" to get the largest single defense appropriation in history, of it wasn't for Hoy's intimate contacts with "the mob", from levels as low as Jack Ruby to as high as Sidney Korshak? Access to influence and muscle that Henry Crown could only engage in with fellow shadowy real estate moguls like Del Webb, Baron Hilton, and Arnold S. Kirkeby.

If "DISC" described by Torbitt did exist, it was in the business of giving security clearances to defense industry executives like Pat Hoy and Henry Crown...and, if it didn't exist....who approved their clearances?"

Byfield is generating some recent interest (it remains amazing that there is more current good research on the assassination of JFK than there is on the events of September 11):
"Byfield lived in France in the decade before WWII, his mother
had divorced Byfield, Sr. and married Raymond Tartiere.
Fluent in the French language with a native's familiarity
with Paris, Byfield was an excellent choice for an undercover
mission into occupied Paris.

Byfield experienced the heightened risk, if he had been
captured by the Germans, of not only being an OSS, S1 US Army
Captain taken prisoner out of uniform, but also an American

His stepbrother, Jacques Tartiere had been killed fighting
with Free French forces in the middle east, after serving
with British forces in Norway. Jacque's wife, the American
actress, Drew Tartiere was working
undercover in France until VE Day, aiding the escape from
France of downed Allied airforce crew members.

Philip, can you share the details leading up to your
interview of Byfield? Were you previously acquainted with him
or his family?

Considering your familiarity with Byfield, were you surprised
the details I have posted about him? Can you post any
knowledge you have that conflicts with or supports anything I
have come up with?

In your interview with him, did he speak of his first wife,
Valentina Osterman? It was a surprise to find that her sister
Nina was married to the first cousin and business partner of
Rionda Braga, and that Braga's son married the daughter of
DeMohrenschildt step-nephew and business partner, Edward G
Hooker. Also, you probably are aware that Byfield's widow
married Robert S. McNamara.

The Glen Ora connection, singularly, would tend to make
Byfield a person of interest to JFK researchers. Considering
what I have found and shared about this deeply connected man
(TFX, Henry Crown, Macomber-Bush, etc.) coupled with the fact
that he was a spy, and a covert operations trainer and because
of his family background, I suspect the lack of interest in
him is due to his invisibility to JFK researchers until late
2008. After 45 years, it is the rare individual, long
involved in solving the murders of JFK and Oswald, who would
consider Byfield as anything other than a tangent, if he is
even given that much consideration.

Anyone who started from the point I did....looking into who
this billionaire sponsor of Obama-2008, Lester Crown is,
would have come upon Ernest L. Byfield, Jr. Even his widow's
marriage to McNamara ingited no curiousity in the
journo-steno history distortion industry."
Oh hell, why not this as well (and scroll down for the mysterious death of Schine)?:
"In 1950, Lester Crown became the brother-in-law of G. David Schine, the man that Roy Cohn investigated the US Army because of. Events that followed nearly triggered a fist fight in a senate hearing room between Cohn and RFK. A short time later, Shine was manager of his family owned Ambassador hotel in Los Angeles. He was later promoted by his father J. Meyer Schine to CEO of the family real estate holding company, but was pushed aside by his father's re-emergence from retirement in 1967, a year before RFK was shot in a kitchen of the Schine family's Ambassador Hotel kitchen.

Roy Cohn had pressed the US Army so aggressively in 1954 for speical consideration for draftee David Schine, that the Secretary of the Army personally called the young man. There was speculation Roy Cohn was in a love relationship with Schine, but David soon married dazzling and athletic 1955 Miss Universe Pageant winner, from Sweden."
"Pragmatic Politics, Forged on the South Side"
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