Thursday, February 14, 2013

Left behind

"News On Prisoner X" - and the discussion.  'annie' thinks he looks like the Dubai assassin known as 'Kevin Daveron'.

"Prisoner X: A false-flag agent?" Well argued.  The Iranian capture of Abdolmajid Rigi seems relevant.

"Why Israel will continue trying to keep 'Prisoner X' a secret"

"A double agent with one way out?"  Double agent for the Australians? - seems unlikely, but:  "Zygier 'planned to expose deadly use of passports'"  That, or the suspicion of that, would certainly get you locked up by the Israelis.

"Zygier was negotiating plea bargain before he died in jail, says his Israeli lawyer"  Did they murder him before he could escape punishment?

The two main lines of thinking are some sort of feared disclosure of the Mossad misuse of passports from other countries, or the need for a scapegoat for the collapse of the Jundallah attack plans in Iran.

The entire attempt at a cover-up was so bungled that we have to leave open the possibility that the Israelis wanted this information released.

Whatever happened, this can't be good for the morale of existing Israeli agents, or good for ongoing Israeli recruitment efforts.  I thought the deal was the Jews never left anyone behind.  Ben Zygier was certainly left behind.

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