Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

"American Assassinations For Dummies"   A tour de force of a history of American assassination programs.  In the 1970s, there were enough moral and decent people around that this became a political issue, and some constraints were applied.  Now, between the Progressives For Carpet Bombing, the Progressives For Targeted Assassinations, and the Progressives for Islamophobia (not to mention the all important Progressives For Wars For The Jews), there is nobody around to complain.

The annual Jewish Film Awards were held yesterday, and the best film came down to a race between one that teaches that all Muslims are crazed violent killers with a completely murderous hatred of innocent Americans (an idea that is based completely on the modern Jewish conception of Jew-hatred), and one that teaches that all Iranians are crazed violent killers with a completely murderous hatred of innocent Americans.  The second one won (and note that both were sold to Americans as essentially documentaries, while neither had any more than the tiniest connection to reality), only because mass genocide of Iranians is the current Jewish obsession.

"US investigated Gaza flotilla passengers for terror ties but not Israel’s slaying of citizen, new docs show"  ZOG prioritization.

"Exodus to the UK as French Jews escape antisemitism"  Funny where they are not going.

"Secrets of the Rich"

"BDS Against George Galloway"  As . . . well, always, the Jews have completely taken over the BDS movement, and are manipulating it for their own violent racist supremacist ends.
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