Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sea change

Or should I say pushed-into-the sea change?

"Kerry: Iran has an ‘elected’ government"

"Iran Cheers Latest Offer as ‘Turning Point’ in Negotiations With West"

"In remarks on ‘threats and challenges,’ new DefSec Chuck Hagel leaves out Iran"

Even the rats are scurrying to find new identities:  "Updated: Elliott Abrams tries to sound like… a liberal Zionist"  The new identity doesn't really fit a sore loser:  "Elliott Abrams: 'Hagel will be confirmed, but he will be a weaker secretary of defense'".

Weirder still, the concentration camp guard on something called 'anti-Zionism' (hell has frozen over):  "An Explanation of European Anti-Zionism"

I'll bet Bibi is ruing picking the wrong set of Jewish billionaires when he foolishly supported Mitt.  Americans, ZOG has a new set of slave owners! (Speaking of which, thanks to 5 dancing shlomos for the neat-o link:  "Spielberg’s Lincoln: Plenty of Negroes, But Why No Jews?")
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