Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Israel’s image takes another hit with the ‘Prisoner X’ scandal":
"But what makes this international intrigue all the more fascinating is not what most of the commentary is obsessing over — the details of Zygier’s life and how he ended up in a high security prison — but the ways in which young Jews are groomed by an Israeli intelligence service to commit acts of terrorism and subterfuge across the world under the guise of protecting national security. It is done with the consent of Western governments and intelligence services, including Australia’s."
"The complicity of silence around Zygier’s actions within the Zionist establishment — witness the "see no evil, hear no evil" stonewalling by Philip Chester, President of the Zionist Council of Australia, on ABC Radio National Breakfast last Friday — is symptomatic of a mainstream Australian, Jewish community that encourages and facilitates young Jews to visit Israel and idealise its identity. Palestinians are largely absent in this worldview. The occupation is virtually non-existent. Iran, Hamas and Hizbollah are the new Nazis. Building a ghettoised, Zionist state, after centuries of Jews often living in isolation across the world, is an irony lost on far too many people.
What the Zionist lobby and its political and media courtiers don’t want to discuss is their complicity in this affair. They all believe that young Jews have the right to move, fight or spy for Israel, including during wars against Lebanon and Gaza, while Muslims who want to join their brethren in Syria, Lebanon or Palestine are labelled terrorists for doing the same thing."
"Rabbi Aviner: I was sent by Mossad to Iran"

"How Neocons Messed Up the Mideast"  Jewish violent group supremacism and Zionist colonialism are still invisible to most people, and even mentioning them makes you an automatic 'anti-Semite', but just think how much better the world would be in every way if people were hip to their tricks decades ago and stopped them in their tracks.

"Racism and the hypocrisy of Israel's advocates"  The use of the 'anti-Semite' slur is an excellent way to identify violent group supremacists.

""Friends of Hamas": The Scary-Sounding Pro-Hagel Group That Doesn't Actually Exist"  After getting over the ridiculousness of somebody like Hagel being a friend of Hamas, you have to get over the ridiculousness of Hagel leaving a paper trail linking himself to a group called 'Friends of Hamas', not to mention the ridiculousness of a group of friends of Hamas calling themselves the 'Friends of Hamas'. 

"Julian Assange and Tilted Scales of Justice"  ""We’re Losing Our Civic Courage.” Julian Assange"  It is not a bad measure of somebody to look at the quality of his or her critics.  The critics of Assange are scum of the earth, lower than whale shit, people whose very names cause an involuntary vomit reflex in all moral and decent people.

"Anti-Semite is among papal candidates"  Fresh from his first  loss (which, he tells us, was really all about him), Dersh picks my new favorite candidate.

"LGBT Center of NY Bars Author on Palestine Book from Speaking"  The world is in desperate need of the use of the term 'Jew-money' becoming common.

"The five stages of climate change acceptance"  After Sandy, Americans plan to fix the 'problem' by building big levees around New York City.

Canada news:  "Why the Right's 'defence lobby' wants another war"  The F-35, on all accounts, is a complete piece of shit.  Note how the military contractors pay off the 'journalists' and 'experts'.

"The Rich See a Different Internet Than the Poor"  You are directed in such a way that points of view you are not supposed to see are inaccessible.  At the same time, you are led to believe that you can see everything.

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