Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Sweeping Explanations and the Jews":
"On the one hand there are lots of people, intelligent people, who are curious, interested and fascinated. They want explanations. On the other hand there are lots of other people, intelligent people, who literally make it their business to provide explanations. Explanations which conspicously avoid mentioning the jews, except perhaps to present them as hapless victims."
The terror runs right through academia. Step out of line, and your career is ruined - no more grants, constant attacks on your job even if you have tenure, and the never-ending slurring. It is no wonder the elephant in the room remains unnoticed.

"Let the Jew out and maybe we'll think about ending our immoral embargo!" - "Senator Patrick Leahy leads US group to Cuba to seek release of Alan Gross"  Lobby, what lobby?  Big groups of senators are constantly traveling the world with the sole purpose of attempting to get individual Americans released from prisons (! - if this were true, it would be the only useful thing the US Senate is now capable of accomplishing!).  Perhaps they'd have more luck if they ended the embargo first!

"Letter from Fidel Castro to Hugo Chavez upon Chavez’s Departure from Cuba"

"News from Bulgaria":
"The Bulgarian government said they had well-grounded reasons to suspect that the three attackers were Lebanese with foreign passports and forged drivers licenses from Canada and Australia. Australia? As far as I know, thanks to the scandal of "Prisoner X", Israel is blamed to use Australian Jews for its false-flag operations."
No one can deny that the technique used in Bulgaria is documented pure Mossad false-flag tradecraft, right down to the details.

"Lies of Zionist propaganda"

"i love them all, damn them"  This interpretation effectively turns Zygier's death into a filicide intended to enforce violent group supremacist norms, so it is no wonder the disinformation is flying fast.

"Spies "monitoring" Palestine solidarity groups around world, says Israeli military correspondent"  I'd start looking by checking the list of worthies who signed the anti-Atzmon letter.

"Death in Singapore" "A "suicide," GaN semiconductors, a found hard drive, China, intrigue"

News from Canada:  "You have the right to Google for a lawyer: Geist"

Also:  "OPEN SECRET: Conservative cabinet minister John Baird outed"  "Baird concerned with Iran ties with Venezuela"  "Baird's Venezuela trip cancelled as Chavez back from Cuba"  He only wanted to visit if the government was unstable, which raises a lot of questions.

"Morley v. CIA: JFK at issue in federal court next week"  The never-ending stonewalling continues.

"Scientology for Rednecks: What the GOP Has Become"
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