Saturday, March 16, 2013

A message from Barry (and Chuck)

A real blow to Bibi and World Jewry:  "US scraps final phase of European missile shield".  Never, ever forget how important crazed American militarism is to the Jews, and to withdraw missiles that were to be installed supposedly against the mythical Iranian nuclear threat, at a time just before Barry is going to meet Bibi, well, a kick in the teeth has never been clearer (I imagine Hagel got a thrill out of the announcement).

Just to emphasize the issue, and to demonstrate Barry's important No Military Contractor Left Behind Program, note the almost simultaneous announcement about defending against the mythical North Korean threat:  "Pentagon plans to add missile interceptors in Alaska".  Neither threat is real, but the Iranian one, the one the Jews can't stop talking about, has been moved into the ridiculous category.
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