Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another bad day

"Why Russian Oligarchs Are Laughing Off The Cyprus Haircut"  I would be surprised if they didn't have insider information.

'American dream' news:  "Good news for people who like bad news about inequality"

"The Saudi war on Islam, A Zionist war on humanity" There is so much evidence from how they act that the Saudi rulers are some form of crypto-Jews (see also the Dönmeh in Turkey to explain the bizarre actions of the Turkish government).

"Washington Post Prints Iraq Lies, 2013 Edition"  This is particularly egregious, even for the Washington Post.

"Has Mayor Rahm learned from Israel?"  The common traits of supremacists.

"This is Ridiculous:  Freedom Arrives in Palestine (you’re welcome)"  The Palestinians are really going to have to do something about Abbas if he:
  1. agrees to any form of 'negotiations' without a settlement freeze; or
  2. refuses to allow the use of Palestinian statehood to start criminal actions against Israel and its officials.
It looks very strongly that Obama paid off Abbas with money - "US unblocks $500 million in aid to Palestinians" -  to obtain his complete capitulation to the Jews as his gift to Bibi in lieu of giving Bibi Pollard and an Iran attack.
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